Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi Planning to Renew Vows in TV Wedding?

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Weigh in on Dolce & Gabbana Controversy

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi reportedly are planning a TV wedding for the ages.

The National Enquirer reports in the face of mounting speculation that they might be headed for a breakup, the two are contemplating renewing their vows in a televised ceremony of “epic proportions.”

Reportedly, the 57-year DeGeneres is convinced a “big, gay wedding” on TV would be a huge hit, an event easily capable of attracting an audience upwards of 20 million Americans. The long-time talk show is also said to be interested in having the ceremony streamed over her Internet channel, “Ellentube.”

Besides being swayed by the prospect of a ready-made audience of more than 40 million followers on social media, DeGeneres is rumored to also feel something of an obligation to use her celebrity platform to celebrate gay marriage now being the law of the land.

The news comes on the heels of rumors about DeGeneres and the 42-year-old de Rossi fighting incessantly. One issue reported to have resulted in a huge recent blowup between the two stems from de Rossi being intent on taking more control of her own career. For years now, DeGeneres has been rumored to be the more domineering one in the relationship and the spouse that typically made all the couple’s biggest decisions.

During their first ceremony back in 2008, reportedly only 19 people attended. But this time around, a source speculates the event would attract the biggest— and smallest — names in show business.

Recently, DeGeneres has also been rumored to be ready to walk away from her talk show when her current contract expires in 2017 in hopes of having a better chance to save the couple’s union.

“Ellen’s contract is up in 2017, and she has told her staff that she does not know if she is going to renew it,” a source recently told Radar of the show that has aired since 2003 and is one of daytime’s longest-running gabfests with already 165 episodes. “Everyone on the staff is just freaking out over this.”


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