Billed as ‘the nation’s coolest wedding fair’ – MOST CURIOUS has launched it’s dates for the Spring 2016, and I am delighted to tell you all about it.  Catch all the action from the 11th to the 13th March at the Truman Brewery, East London and the 20th of March at St Andrews Hall, Norwich.

Well, attending this fair last year made me smile, and really got me thinking about what wedding fairs are about and what they are supposed to do for a bride or groom, and her/his entourage. It also taught me a lot about the approach I needed to develop and nurture into my business Ikonworks.

Is a fair supposed to inspire and enlighten, and light a spark? Or be a typical market set-up with the trestle tables lined up alongside each other, covered in terribly ironed white table clothes? Six of each type of exhibitor, in a conference room bamboozling your brain? Meaning at the end of your planned attack route, you don’t know whether you are coming or going and each pitch has sadly melded into the next one? I say the former, what about you?

Most Curious could not be more different. I found creative, exciting, bold and different suppliers present, each giving inspiration via their diverse, eclectic and damn right amazing stands last year. I am attending this rather mighty fair again, with Helen from The Wedding Bazaar, a delight which awaits me next Friday night as I am going to photograph the press launch. I dare you to make the journey to the Truman next weekend, I promise you will be glad you did!

A couple of years ago Becky Hoh-Hale the shows creator is quoted as saying;

“Gone are the days when there was a set way for weddings to look, any couple with an ounce of creativity wants to make their day aesthetically about them. We unite the expressive and loved-up with the right suppliers – both of whom have their finger on the pulse and creativity in their hearts!”

Exhibitors to the shows are carefully selected by Becky and her team looking at not just their products and services but their outward attitudes and commitment to the cause – are they cool and unique? Well, yes of course. Can you talk to them about the different choices you want to make for your incredible day? Most definitely. The one thing that came across last year was the significance of everyone’s absolute passion, their flawless attention to detail, and their total dedication to their craft and business – putting the people interested in engaging them at the very top of their lists. Making this “the wedding show for the style savvy couple”.

Becky founded a Most Curious after styling her own wedding nearly eight years ago. She worked for two years planning, and organising the perfect look for her day. The idea for a Most Curious came from a wish to help other brides and couples who wanted a quirky, vintage event, who did not have the time to do what she did and meticulously collect from auctions and car boots, charity shops and vintage outlets.

The UK wedding industry has a huge amount of immensely talented people within it, something I talked about in my first post for Wedding Ideas. I know we are going to come across some new and exciting ones at Becky’s fair this year again. You can read a blog post from Helen of The Wedding Bazaar here. I love how she talks so beautifully about this fair and what it means to not only you our audience of brides to have something unique and different, but also what it means to Becky to give you something well truly different and special.

I loved this quote from Becky – A Most Curious Bride –

“knows what she wants for her wedding, but is not exactly sure where to get it. We know we are fulfilling our tasks with these type of brides, because we see them do a little skip when they walk into the show and mouth “this is what I mean”.

So here are the details, why don’t you come and see what all the excitement is all about?