We’re used to staged wedding photos featuring the requisite couple’s kiss and tasteful scenery – but you probably haven’t seen this kind of set-up before.

A Dutch couple have shirked tradition to pose for a wedding photo that possibly gives a little too much of an insight into what they are likely to get up to after the guests have all gone home.

The image has gone viral for appearing to show the bride performing a sex act on the groom in the middle of a forest.

She is shown kneeling in front of the groom – who has his suit trousers down by his ankles.

Thankfully, the groom is facing away from the camera.

(Michel Klooster)

Interestingly, the photographer, Michael Klooster, has revealed that it was one of the couple’s mothers who came up with the idea.

Posting the image on his Facebook page, he wrote the following caption in Dutch: “Some newlyweds cannot wait for the party to be over so they can quietly retreat to their suite for a smashing wedding night. Luckily they already exchanged their wedding vows and they were officially married.”

Klooster described the result as “funny” in his post and revealed that at least three more couples have now approached him to recreate the shot.