‘You Can Never Repay Your Parent’s Debts’: Bengali Bride Challenges Farewell Ritual In Best Way Possible

Image result for 'You Can Never Repay Your Parent's Debts': Bengali Bride Challenges Farewell Ritual In Best Way PossibleIndian weddings have a plethora of rituals. A lot of them include the tradition of “leaving one house and going to another”, in the sense that you leave everything you have behind to start a new life.

This is common across communities for bridal ceremonies, and usually involves a lot of tears as the ‘vidai‘ or farewell takes place.

A Bengali bride, however, just broke this tradition in the most bad-ass, but also not disrespectful, way possible.

A video which has been going viral on Facebook, posted by the bride herself, has over 3 million views.

In the video, the bride can be seen in beginning stages of the ‘farewell’ rituals, which in Bengali ends with ‘Kanakanjali’ where the bride tosses rice behind her, and says that she has repaid her parents debts, so she is now leaving.

This badass bride, however, tosses the rice, but says something you don’t expect to hear. She says, “You can never repay your parent’s debts,” instantly warming everyone present in the vicinity’s hearts.

“You’re completely correct,” people present at the venue can be heard saying on the video.

The bride doesn’t just end with that. The typical ‘vidai’ involves a tearful bride crying as she leaves the house to find a new home, and accepts that maybe she won’t ever return.

This bride, however, is smiling and says, “I’ll be back,” and soon, walks off with her husband and family, and everyone can be seen cheering and lauding the move.