Heels on fire: We put six pairs of party shoes to the treadmill test

Test time ... Sun's Joely puts the shoes through their paces

LADIES, are your toes curling at the thought of party season footwear?

Don’t let your killer heels be murder on the dance floor this Christmas.

The Sun’s fashion editor JOELY CHILCOTT put six styles to the treadmill test, walking on the machine in each pair for ten minutes, to see which would keep you dancing all night and which would torment your tootsies.

Here’s her verdict and her shoe ratings out of five.



Oasis: £45

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 Stewart Williams

THESE were by far the comfiest of the six styles I tried.

With the sturdy strapping and extra platform height, the instep wasn’t too severe meaning ten minutes was a walk in the park.

All I need is some cheesy tunes and I’d last until the early hours in this pretty pair.


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Very.co.uk: £25

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 Stewart Williams

I’M not usually a fan of the ankle strap style.

They tend to make my legs look shorter. But this fun pair were surprisingly sturdy.

The thicker heel made sure I kept my balance and the ankle strap stopped me from tripping over.

This pair is a little too girlie for my usual tastes but if there’s ever a time to go glam, it’s Christmas.




Topshop: £68

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 Stewart Williams

THESE mules gave me a very comfy walk but the design didn’t ooze party appeal.

You could walk out of them pretty easily, plus performing any leg-kicking dance moves would see a shoe flying across the room.

But I reckon I could dance all night then still walk home in these.




River Island: £70

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 Stewart Williams

NOT as painful as I expected but I couldn’t bust my most energetic moves in this pair.

I loved the pom-pom design and the straps were supportive.

But my feet started to throb and when I took the shoes off, my feet were emblazoned with strap marks.

I could envisage some sore soles after a night strutting my stuff.




Office: £70

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 Stewart Williams

A CLASSIC black court shoe with trendy tassels is right up my street. But in these I could feel my eyes welling up with each step.

As the classic style is too good to ignore I’d wear them – but would definitely be prepared to be leaving the party barefoot with these heels in hand.



Stiletto ankle boots

New Look: £59.99

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 Stewart Williams

THOUGHT this pair would feel OK once on but the stiletto heel was more like a weapon than a fashion statement.

The second I put them on I was walking flat-footed to try to ease the pain.

It’s another classic look that will be on-trend for years to come.

But only wear them if you will get a seat at the pub and don’t plan to be propping up the bar.