How Fliteless Is Challenging Traditional Paradigms Of Footwear With The Power Of Weightlessness

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Effective storytelling occurs when brands are able to clearly create emotional connections between the products story and its audience. This connection is often referred to as pathos. (Aristotlian theory of audience persuasion), an attribute that evokes empathy for a story being shared. Quite often I report on how advanced-technology in footwear that is delivered properly coupled with an intriguing story delivered well, can trigger a host of emotional cues while stimulating its target audience. These stories must not only be impactful but must also be able to show how the brand is delivering their message to a consumer with a proven  attention span of 12 seconds. Technically advanced fashion companies use the power of storytelling to reach wider audiences in the digital environment. Measuring strategy success and key performance indicators will depend on the brands objective and ultimately, you guessed it; the point of sale. In my opinion, humans are hard-wired to process the narrative of stories through cause and effect. Believe it or not, our footwear process begins by searching for something that was previously felt or experienced. It is this familiar situation that then sparks a new thought process, which generates new absorbed experiences with cognitive effects. Indicators such as comfort, fit, style and most importantly, weightlessness, all effect the audiences experience. I recently came across a forthright footwear brand named Fliteless that straight-forwardly harnessed the power of weightlessness in mens footwear. Their products and promotional content all tie in with the story that the creators wanted to share with the global consumer communities seeking the next big thing in footwear!

Fliteless FootwearFliteless

FlitelessTM is a super-performance dress shoe brand, which masterfully blends technology, comfort and style. Fliteless creates shoes that are softer and lighter in order to keep up with the active lifestyle of today’s guy. Featuring a high-tech sole system never before used in shoe construction, Fliteless is the first brand on the market to offer shoppers a choice in shoe support that complements and enhances their lifestyle. Fliteless founder Johan Ringdal, is no stranger to challenging traditional paradigms of footwear. An ordinary day shopping for mattresses with his wife sparked the idea for Fliteless. People can choose the softness of their mattress to suit their preference, and they can do the same with sneakers to suit their athletic endeavors – but why can’t they do the same with dress shoes in which they spend so much of their day? Diving right into a deep study of the current dress shoe market, Ringdal noticed a significant gap in the space for shoes that are ultra-soft, ultra-comfortable and sophisticated at the same time. Determined to modernize an industry that has remained stagnant for centuries, Fliteless was born. In 2016, Ringdal began work on Fliteless. New York-based Paul Fleming joined the team as Co-Founder / President and Oslo-based Anders Sverdrup Dahl joined as Co-Founder. Together, the team aims to transform the dress shoe industry and provide men with an advanced comfort option in footwear.


The unique production technology of Fliteless shoes puts the brand into a category of its own as it ensures reduced tension on the knees, back, and other joints, while improving mobile performance. Fliteless’ proprietary compound allows the brand to provide a range of customizable sole experiences, resulting in the softest and lightest dress shoes on the market today.  The footwear is produced in Portugal using European leathers and suedes atop a high-tech, expertly tested patent-pending performance sole, which is available in two distinct options to the consumer. In the past, men have had limited opportunity to customize footwear soles to fit their needs and preferences. Now, shoppers can choose a sole that perfectly complements their lifestyle; the two sole experiences offered by the brand include “Energy Rebound” and “Soft Bounce”: Allow me to explain below.