Embroidery On Sneakers? Yes, Please

You’ve gotta kick it up.

Embellished sneakers by Namrata Joshipura. (Image credit: Namrata Joshipura)

Getting hold of the coolest sneakers is a task on it’s own – they all sell out in a jiffy. It’s the world of sneakers. There seems to be a new pair of kicks making the rounds by the second and waiting lists are never ending. Which sneaker trend is really in this season then, you ask? How do we keep up?! That’s where we step in. This style is definitely a little out of the box, and so far, our most favourite. It’s cute, fun and so chic. How could we not love it? When it comes to sneakers these days, the more embellished, the better. It’s no longer about plain, old white sneakers. Embellished sneakers are taking over the world right now – but sneakers with embroidery tops the list. Cute tennis shoes with a lot of embroidery is how you should be wearing your sneakers this season. Or for that matter, if you like bling, go the embellished way. We’re not the only ones saying this. Three top Indian designers are on board with us. They’ve got some beautiful handcrafted sneakers – and they are too good to be true.

1. Pero

Pero upcycles adidas originals, Stan Smiths – and they’re a beauty. If you’re lucky, you can even go to them to get your old sneakers upcycled. Otherwise, you can buy their charms and stick it to your sneakers. How cool, right?

2. Namrata Joshipura

You can buy Namrata’s glittery kicks and you’re good to dance the night away.

3. Rahul Mishra

Rahul Mishra is already an ace couturier. To top it off, he has collaborated with a lot of brands to do some embroidery on shoes. We love the adidas original collaboration. Animals hand embroidered on your shoes? Sign us up.