This Company Will Refurbish Your Used Shoes, Recycle & Create New Pairs For Needy School Kids

We buy a lot of shoes, enough to fill some of the most massive closets in this world, and we toss them away in lesser time than is needed to produce them.

Some 300 million pairs are thrown away each year, out of the 20 billion shoes produced. So where exactly are they going? In the last two decades or so, our world has been introduced to a new epidemic, which is the wastage of shoes.



This company, founded by two professional athletes, Shriyans Bhandari and Ramesh Dhami, is here to fight and reprimand this wastage.

Their organisation, Greensole, refurbishes old shoes and turn them into something trendy and quirky for needy school kids.



Their idea is not only environmentally friendly but is also easy on the pockets of those who can’t afford fancy shoes in their daily lives.

The duo kickstarted their project in 2013, but now they have more than 17 corporate partners to support its initiative. Their company has also bagged interest, recognition and praise from world leaders like Ratan Tata and Barack Obama.



The drive begins with corporates and individuals donating their discarded shoes to the organisation, which are refurbished and then donated to underprivileged kids in the village.



Apart from that, the company conducts their own drive too, across the country, where they collect shoes via drop boxes in parks and some with their collaboration from schools and colleges. 



Before refurbishing, the team washes and cleans the shoes and also separates them with the ones that can be used without renewing. They also avoid melting the shoes, a method commonly adopted by other shoe manufacturers, which is hazardous to the environment.



So far, they have donated several thousand shoes to kids in the village and truly living up to their name by helping conserve the environment.

Donors can send their shoes via courier or drop in their drop boxes. Please join them and make their idea bigger than it already is.