Chesca Garcia designs women’s shoes

Local shoe company S&H has collaborated for the first time with a celebrity designer in Cheska Garcia-Kramer to celebrate its fifth anniversary. According to the brand’s principals, they chose the TV personality for embodying the ideals of the brand.

“She is beautiful, sophisticated, stylish, modern, and relatable. Cheska Garcia-Kramer is definitely known for her impeccable taste in fashion,” said S&H’s statement sent to The Manila Times.

and her immense passion for her family. In this new collection dubbed S&H Holi- day 2015 x Team Kramer (#SNHxTEAMKRAMER),

Cheska designed eight pairs for women, with shoes that are classic yet with modern and edgy details. These range from lovely flats are made with delicate ribbon straps and embellishments; to heels with interesting cuts and basic colors; and black pumps with a sexy lace details.

“A woman can express her personality with her shoes. And with the perfect pair, she can be great,” enthused the country’s newest shoe designer.

Moreover, Cheska also designed seven pairs of shoes for children, inspired by her two adorable girls, Scarlett and Kendra. Intended for the Christmas season, the collection features sparkles, pastels, polka dots, metallics, and other girly details.