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I grew up in England, where it was compulsory to drink eight pints of beer, then eat a curry and then release everything that you have eaten and drunk onto your local sidewalk.

Germans, though, have a special time for drinking beer to excess. It’s called Oktoberfest.

To celebrate this traditional event, Adidas has just released shoes that are definitely not the sort of thing Stephen Curry would advertise.

These shoes, you see, come specially prepared for, well, your spillages.

The company explains in its video that its dedicated engineers have created a special coating — called DPBR — that will protect the shoe-leather from beer and, well, vomit.

Adidas didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment as to what chemicals specifically go into this coating.

Many Oktoberfest revelers will surely be delighted, however, if their shoes — which retail at around $209 — will remain stain-free. Or, at least, not as stained as last year.

It’s hard enough to keep one’s character or dignity stain-free, once one’s innards are filled with copious steins of fine German beer.

These shoes, though, offer further elements of wit in their design. A little embroidery on the rear to match your lederhosen, for example.

And then there’s the shoe’s name: Prost. This is German for cheers.

Should you wish to get hold of these things in time for your own celebration, I should warn you that Oktoberfest begins in September. On the 16th, in fact.

So you’ll have four days to get over your excitement over the new iPhone before you can dedicate yourself to beer.

And marvel at science, of course.