5 shoes every man should own

Q. If man had to own just five pairs of shoes what should they be? JS, Kent

A. I have a massive shoe collection – largely because of the truth of the saying (coined by me and as seen on Come Dine With Me) “Feet don’t get fat.” I would struggle to limit myself to just five, but here’s a short list of the styles I wear on rotation.

One, trainers. I favour classic Adidas Stan Smiths or a posh version, such as Amsterdam brand ETQ’s. Two, loafers. In an ideal world either a Gucci snaffle or a pair of Bass Weejuns. These are the perfect everyday shoes that you can wear smart or with jeans. Three, a black Oxford for when you have to dress up. Four, a boot – something chunky that can stand up to the weather. Personally I would go for a brogue. And five? Well, every man should own a pair of Wellington boots.