Unlock a world of online shopping with Aramex Global Shopper

Aramex Global Shopper (AGS) is a unique online shopping platform that not only gives addresses in 23 countries from which you can shop, but also gets your package delivered to you in a jiffy.

What is it?

AGS has been around since 2000, but was only launched in South Africa in 2014. When shopping online, certain online retailers don’t shop to South Africa, and this is where AGScomes in as it breaks the barriers of international shipping by providing shoppers with 23 “local” delivery addresses to use when they check out on the retailer’s website.

Upon registration, each customer receives a unique numer, e.g: NLP1265 which AGS uses to identify your actual address when it comes to your time of delivery. Delivery normally takes place 5 to 10 days after checking out.

Shipments are priced according to the package’s weight and is more cost effective than most other shipping services.

You can pay for your shipping on either the Aramex Global Shopper app, which is available on iOS or Android, or on the Aramex Global Shopper website.

How to register for Aramex Global Shopper

How to use Aramex Global Shopper


Now that you’ve seen how super easy it is to use Aramex Global Shopper, register for a free account today by using LOWVELDER as your promo code.