Teen’s E-Shopping Fail Will Make You Think Twice Before You ‘Add To Cart’

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Ben Watson’s video has made thousands laugh

Let this be a cautionary tale – if you are investing in expensive veneers, better not buy them online. A UK student learned this the hard way when he purchased veneers for 42 pounds (approximately Rs. 3,600) from an e-commerce website but received instead a set of ill-fitting, clownish gnashers. Ben Watson from Halifax, West Yorkshire, sent off a mould of his teeth to an online firm, reports the Mirror.

Instead, he received a comically ill-fitting set of teeth that made him ‘burst into tears’ as he opened the package.

“I actually burst into tears and not just in a laughter way but more for the decrease in my bank balance,” he said to the Mirror.

Ben’s friend, Mollie Cooper, shared a hilarious picture of his that has gone viral with over 7,000 ‘likes’

She also posted a hilarious video of Ben sportingly showing off his dental disaster and people can’t stop laughing
“Last time I buy anything online ever,” jokes Ben on Twitter.
According to the Daily Mail, Ben Watson has now become a minor celebrity in his hometown where people even stop him to take pictures of him with his new teeth in.