Online shopping gets much cheaper on mobile Apps

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Online shopping gets much cheaper on mobile Apps

As, online shoppers are more likely to use mobile apps as a way of researching and organising goods, leading to the abandonment of purchases, finds a study.

Although mobile apps are rapidly becoming a popular option to shop online these days, the phenomenon of shopping cart abandonment customers leave without completing the transaction is much higher than for desktop based online shopping.

The share of e commerce traffic from mobile devices increased to 46 percent in 2016, however, only 27 percent of purchases were finalised. It’s because consumers are often unable to see the full picture on a mobile app or that they could be missing out on special offers or over looking hidden costs.

The smaller screen size and uncertainty about missing important details about the purchase make you much more ambivalent about completing the transaction than when you are looking at a big screen say a UK based professor. In addition, concerns related to privacy and security issues on the mobile phones also motivates people to put items into their shopping baskets but then quit without paying. This makes the process challenging.

Mobile shopping is supposed to make the process easier, and yet concerns about making the right choices, or about whether this site is secure enough leads to an emotional ambivalence about the transaction and that mean customers are much more likely to simply Abandon their shopping carts without completing a purchase.

Customers are becoming more and. More demanding and with mobile shopping in particular  they don’t forgive failures so offering a streamlined integrated service is really important.

India witnessing a Tattoo festival now 
Gone are the days when tattoos were considered a novelty. Or it meant, getting one done by foreign tattoo artist who was in demand at a series of tattoo festivals in the country, which were attended by tattoo lovers from all over the world. Tattoos are becoming mainstream in India now. Indian tattoo artists are coming up with their own styles, and also highlighting and celebrating the traditional history of art in India by etching it on people’s skin which is a unique thing to do. Says Martin who recently organised a tattoo festival in goa. Though in India the art is relatively new, its kind of exploding people don’t realise it, but the country is witnessing a tattoo explosion now.

Camo is the new trend for men
As the winter is a way too far to end, the military trend is a great way to inject energy and edge to Ines winter wardrobe. Here are tips to incorporate camouflage prints into your wardrobe.

A plain black t shirt with an olive green bomber jacket and camo cargo pants is the best choice for going on a bike ride.

This look is best when worn with black Chelsea boots.

Those who want to keep their style understated can opt for a basic polo T shirt in earthy colours which can be teamed with a biker jacket and denims.

A pair of boots in camo prints is an interesting added factor.

For a casual day out, team black layers and chinos with an olive green camo print slip ons in tassels.

The camo trend can also be used for office look. A business suit in classic tones of black, grey and dark blue can replicate an aura of sophistication when carried with a black office briefcase with camo print detailing in velvet.