Myntra’s app goes wild, spamming users with notifications for non-existent orders

It seems Myntra’s app went a little haywire this afternoon, spamming users with a multitude of notifications for orders they didn’t make.

Users reported receiving close to 50 delivery tracking notifications, for as many orders, despite having not made a single purchase. Once contacted regarding the issue, Myntra put out a tweet indicating it was having technical difficulties with the app.

The notification spamming has since stopped, though it’s not clear yet whether the glitch has been fixed. It’s important to note however, that Myntra temporarily took the app down at the time the error began appearing, though it’s currently back online. Of course, it’s probably still safer to log into your account and double check your orders anyway, as this was coincidentally the perfect day for a possible credit card thief to go nuts.




[Source:- DNA]