5 best online shopping sites for your pets

With the holiday season fast approaching, the scramble to buy presents is already upon us. We’ve got presents for the kids (if you haven’t heard of Fortnite … look up Fortnite), presents for your parents, gifts for your friends and co-workers … and you better not forget gifts for your pets!

But how to pick the best gift for your furry friend? Many a feline owner has piles of cat toys littering the corners of their living room or den – deemed sub-par by their recipients. Get a chew toy for your dog and they’ll likely enjoy it for a few hours before utterly demolishing it to a pile of rags and fluff all over your carpet.

Fear not, because there’s a toy out there for every pet, and we’re going to help you find the best! Better yet, everything on our list can be delivered right to your door! So no need to worry about Christmas shopping or the mad rush of Black Friday. Take a look at our top 5 suggestions.

Best online shopping sites for pet supplies

1. Beds, crates, and gates

If you’ve got a finicky feaster or a demolition doggy who likes to trash his toys, this might be the best place to start. Petflow.com has a huge variety of gifts for all kinds of animals, and in our experience giving your pet a pillow, bed, blanket, or cage that they can call their own is a sure-fire way of saying ‘you’re part of the family and you have a home here.’

Your cat will feel so happy and at home with a new warm cat bed.

We also find these gifts are especially good for families with multiple pets; this way everybody’s got a spot to lay claim to where they’ll feel cozy and welcome during the holidays.

2. Barkshop is a dog’s paradise

Be it chew toys, plush pals, tasty treats, or even health helpers, Barkshop.com is canine capital. “We’re here for you and your dog. We’ve never met your dog, but we know we love them,” they say, and looking at the awesome selection, we’ve got to agree! Our favorite thing about Barkshop is that they don’t just have a section for toys or a section for food. They’ve got subcategories for practically everything, so they can cater their products to exactly what you need.

Make this year an awesome Christmas for your pupper!

Take Wellness, for example: Aside from just general health, you can specifically look for supplements, anxiety, or CBD (which they suggest using if your dog suffers from stress, pain relief, or chronic illness).

3. Your bird deserves presents too!

There are websites all over the place that readily offer gifts for your dog or cat, but when it comes to less common animals like birds or horses it gets a little trickier. Luckily Budgetpetcare has you covered. They’ve got loads of health items for your bird to keep them happy and in good spirits for this holiday season, such as crop conker treatments, mediworm powder, anti-oxidant powders, and more.

For horses they’ve got all manner of bots, skin care products, and protection against tapeworms, redworms, and roundworms.

Not a reindeer, but the next closest thing!

4. All the cat supplies you could ever want

EntirelyPets offers items for far more than just cats, but when it comes to our feline friends, they’ve got a selection that’s hard to top. Their toy selection alone boasts a lot of versatility, offering toys in rubber or plush, but they’ve also got more reliable standards like scratching posts and of course the infamous laser pointers.

We like EntirelyPets because toys aren’t all they do, either. They’ve also got dry food, wet food, and a slew of health products, skin and coat care vitamins, behavior and training options, and food supplements to keep your cat in tip-top shape!

5. Don’t forget the little guys!

Amazon.com is probably the first place that comes to mind when you consider online shopping, and we’ve got to admit – they do an incredible job when it comes to offering products for small animals like gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, or chinchillas. Check out their selection of Timothy Hay, pellets, cages, toys, and brushes!

Christmas bunnies!

You probably won’t find necessities with quality ratings this high or prices this low on any of the other sites we mentioned, so if you’re on a budget, but love your pet and are looking for a good time to stock up, Amazon’s selection is right up your alley!

Let us know if we helped you find what you were looking for, and Happy holidays to you and your pet!