Why You Should Make Instagram A Crucial Marketing Tool

The internet has opened up the world and more and more people are making use of this resource. As a business, you may already have your hands full juggling between Facebook and Twitter that the thought of signing on another platform seems daunting. The other platforms may be enough on their ownbut you should not overlook the power Instagram holds.

For any business, a marketing platform that presents itself should be one to be fully exploited. It will give you a chance to have a successful run on the internet. Here is why you should take on Instagram as an additional marketing tool:

  • That is where your customers are

Instagram’s over 300 million active members should tell you something – chances are your own customers are active members. Having an account here allows them to continue linking with your business. You will not leave a vacuum that your competitors will fill. Going where your customers are ensures that you continue building a relationship with them. Also, you can use this platform to see what your customers appreciate about your business. You can easily track what they are sharing especially if your business revolves around food.

  • It is a more engaging platform

Research puts Instagram as having more active and engaged customers than other platforms. The reason for this is easy – Instagram is more visual. It is easier to connect with your customers because visual content is more engaging. You can easily portray your goods and services with interesting images. The more interesting your images the higher chances you will get followers on Instagram , as they would want to see what you would have the next time.

  • Easily integrates with other platforms

You can have a unified campaign as what you post on instagram instantly shares with other social media platforms. This is great as you can use your existing platforms to help you build a great following on Instagram as well as on other social media platforms. Such integration also helps your customers on other platforms that cannot access instagram to still enjoy the delightful content you share there.

  • Get more sales happening

It is easy to increase your sales by having an Instagram account. The platform allows you to present your products and services in a manner that easily speaks to consumers. It is one thing to describe your products and what they can do while it is another to show your product or service at work. Visual images will always speak more than a thousand words would.

Offers a chance for new people to discover your business

Effective use of Instagram will allow for new audiences to discover your business. Tapping into the 300 million users and getting buying customers from them is a chance you should not miss out on. It is easy to be more discoverable by using relevant hashtags among other tricks. Have great and appealing images that people would want to see. The right content is a sure way of reaching new audiences.


Jacqueline Rodger is a social media expert with experience in Instagram. He has helped many businesses get followers on Instagram by offering sound advice.