When To Stay In A Sober Living Environment

People recovering from addiction need a sober living environment to help them transition smoothly back into normal life. Since everyone is made differently, what works for one person might not work for another. So, it is very important to understand the best moment when staying in a sober living environment. Below are some signs to tell when.

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Lacking a strong support network

Support from your family and friends is very important when struggling to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Sometimes help from loved ones falls short of what you need during this difficult moment. You need support from trained professionals in a sober living environment when the people you love can’t be there all the time when you need them the most. A sober home protects your sobriety and teaches you to live independently without substance abuse.

Not having the strength to resist cravings

Detoxing eliminates substances from your system but doesn’t offer ultimate mental independence on drugs or alcohol. Lacking the mental strength to maintain sobriety will eventually lead to failure. Embracing a sober living environment will keep your head up and boost your confidence without giving up. Going into a sober home early is essential before difficult times hit. You will get a support network to give you the necessary support when things get hard.

Recommendation by your sponsor

The 12 step program focuses on helping people suffering from addiction to give up the habit. Unfortunately, this might not work for everyone and a sponsor is the best person to take you through the journey to sobriety. The sponsor has successfully undergone throughout all the stages of recovery. So, your sponsor has the strength and experience to keep you focuses on your recovery journey. Take heed when your sponsor recommends you to get sober living environment in San Francisco to get additional support in your recovery journey.

After completing rehab

Admission in a sober living home requires having spent some time in rehab. This doesn’t mean having completed rehab or the 12 step program. Keep in mind that a sober home is not an inpatient rehab facility. Sober living homes have varying admission requirements including some that don’t admit people who skipped rehab. So, you are a good candidate to join a sober living environment after doing some rehab. This allows getting an environment to support continued recovery.

Not spending enough time in a recovery center

You have to move into a recovery center when suffering from addiction. Here, you are bound to make great progress on the path to sobriety. The time to spend in a recovery center varies from 30, 60, and 90 days depending on the severity of your condition. You spend your time here counting down the days, hour, and minutes before your program ends to leave the recovery center.

Spending time in a sober living environment after rehab lengthens your recovery process. This eases getting back into normal living without rushing. A sober living home gives you the ideal time to regain normality and independence.

Desire for independence without being alone

The desire to prove yourself is usually high after completing rehab. However, there is a possibility of not feeling 100 percent confident of handling it alone. Although you might not need more intense treatment, you need more time to adjust to sobriety fully. A sober living environment is the best place to get the independence you need. Here, you see your family. Make new friends, and engage in various activities to keep you busy. A sober home is a safe and supportive place to handle addiction better.

Need to get a newsupport system

The best way to beat addiction is to avoid old acquaintances, friends, and family members who might make you relapse. Avoiding these people is part of the 12- step program. This is important for effective recovery but it dwindles your circle. A sober living home offers a new support system. The counselors, staff, and other patients will guide you throughout the sobriety journey. There are various chances of making new friends who understand what you are going through.

Living in an environment surrounded by other people committed to getting better like you is a wonderful support system. The residents in a sober living environment keep each other accountable to achieve your recovery goals. You are likely to make lifelong friends inside the sober home who understand your situation.

Commitment to full sobriety

The idea of handling addiction alone is daunting despite feeling committed to full sobriety. There is a chance of feeling committed to continuing on the journey to recovery after rehab, detox, and completing your recovery program. When willing to do whatever it takes to get back into normal living, a sober living environment is a right place.


The journey to addiction recovery is not smooth. Full commitment after rehab is necessary to make you join a sober living environment for additional support.