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Webhosting is a collection of a bunch of files that have to be located at a particular storage space. As the files should be accessible anywhere, anytime and by anyone, the storage place should be a public one. These files cannot be limited to your personal computer for storage. All the files need to be stored on a server. Even if your personal computer is a server, it is impossible for everyone to have access to your computer.

Cloud Axis Managed Hosting

This is where the requirement of a public server comes into play and this is where the role of a host also hops in. The server is owned by the host company where the files of the websites are stored. These host company generally offer the management of the server, backups, and support, etc. There different types of web hosting that you can consider at Cloudaxis. You can opt for the type of web hosting which you consider to be appropriate for you.

Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is among the newer forms of the available web hosting on Cloudaxis Managed Hosting where they provide managed hosting support. Basically, your website is being hosted on many servers that operate together in order to make it look as if one server is operating. As your data is stored on the cloud as well as across many servers, there is less risk of loss of information. If for an instance, one of the servers gets disrupted, the website as a whole still is operational only as a part of the data is stored in that server. CloudAxis also provide dedicated hosting for which your website will be in top and never be down for your visitors.

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CloudAxis Hosting Plans

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This minimizes the issues that you would be facing with your website. It is also great as your server can generally expand similar to the way your website expands. Thus, you will not need extra disks for storage and space. At Cloudaxis, you have the liberty of adding space as you do not need to alter the servers. You just need to use the pace on an alternate cloud server as all the files will not be located in one specific area.

Shared Web Hosting:

Shared web hosting is among the most popular web hosting forms that Cloudaxis is providing. This kind of hosting is exactly the way it sounds. Here, you really share the part of the server with different websites which also means you shall not get one entire server to be dedicated to the website of yours. This will give you less control; however, it shall also be less expensive to you. It will feel like sharing a meal with your friends.

Two of your friends buy one meal and share the cost. This way you share the expense which is cheaper than buying two complete meals which you both could not have eaten entirely. Almost all individuals begin with a website that they share and then try to grow from it as development and growth of their own website take place.

People opt for a good proportion of storage space without wasting money in buying the entire server. This is the reason for this web hosting to be the most common web hosting service. You shall get the specified quality at a much lower price. With every benefit, there are certain disadvantages too. You need to have a website that ranges from small to medium size for having this website hosting at Cloudaxis.


VPS is the Virtual Private Server which functions in the similar pattern to the shared server hosting as you share that particular server as different websites. However, each server will function as a different one. This means that the settings or traffic of other sites will not be affecting your website, just like shared hosting. VPS is bigger than an account of shared hosting. This allows you to have more control and occupy more space. You shall also get your share of specified resources which shall not be shared with others.

Dedicated Server Hosting:

Dedicated server hosting counted among the most advanced types of web hosting available. This type of web hosting can be very expensive. This happens as you are buying space on a complete server that would be specified for your website only. This denotes that you shall have complete control over the operations and functions of the server.

You will have no worries about other websites affecting yours with the dedicated server hosting. You shall get full control than any other web hosting types. It is definitely more expensive but if there are many pages or a lot of traffic congests your website, this web hosting will be saving you, especially from the security and speed aspects.

Managed WordPress Hosting:

Most of the companies are now looking forward to WordPress hosting as it has become very much popular online. This service basically will be hosting your WordPress site and update the installation without any manual operation. This definitely will protect your website from security issues. In spite of its simplicity, it works in complex ways which many people do not really like to deal with. This hosting is especially functional in dealing with WordPress websites. If a hassle free website is what you are looking at, Cloudaxis gives you WordPress.

Collocating Hosting:

It is quite similar to shared hosting with added feature. You shall be accommodating the space in the data centre instead of the server and can introduce your own server. This means you shall be paying for the cooling, physical security, electricity, etc rather than paying for the server space you shall occupy. Is at all any technical issue arises associated with the hardware; you shall be accountable for repairing it.

This type of web hosting is more suitable for advanced people with much of technical knowledge as one has to maintain his or her own server. We also suggest you to hire some professional for managing the server for you.

Here at Cloudaxis, you just need to choose from the range of web hosting packages that you find suitable for you and register with us. Then get started!