Transactional SMS and its Growing Importance In India

Promotion of a product or service has gone through a big change in the recent few years. As an alternative of calling or email, the load is now on bulk SMS service to get the interest of a large number of target customers. These types of services can be divided into two  types– Transactional and Promotional SMS. In India, SMS marketing has seen pervasive implementation in a few years and of the two services, Transactional service is on the top due to its numerous benefits.

A Transactional SMS conveys essential information such as PNR status, details of current bank balance, etc. It does not include any promotional message. “70% off on all products” is the best example of a promotional SMS.

In India, transactional messages are generally sent by registered banks, hospitals, e-commerce companies, railways, e-ticketing agencies, financial organizations and airlines through SMS api. These types of messages can also be sent by a registered educational institute to the parents or guardians in case of any concern. A transactional SMS always lacks any promotional tone.

The Importance and benefits

There are various benefits of transactional SMS due to which it is considered of prime importance by many industries all over India. Some of the key benefits are as follows:

  1. Fast delivery

This can be proclaimed as one of the biggest benefits of a transactional message. No delay means it can be used successfully to deliver any crucial information to customers.

  1. Beneficial tool for alerts

It can be used as a tool for sending prompt alerts. From e-commerce websites to railways, a large number of industries in India use bulk SMS service for sending alerts without failing and in a timely manner.

  1. Available 24×7

The gateway of a transactional message stays open 24×7. This allows a sender to deliver a message anywhere without any restrictions in terms of time. A user will definitely get the message if their phone is not switched off.

  1. Provide access to DND listed customers

When promotional SMS does not have any way to reach customers who have chosen DND (Do Not Disturb), a transactional message has an evident reach.

  1. It is template based One can simply get the template of such messages and can make the one to fulfill his or her particular requirements. All that a person needs is the approval of an SMS service provider.

Overall, transactional messages help in increasing your business. With the help of a mobile phone, marketers can reach all over the world. The bulk SMS service provider offers services to send SMS around the world and that too at very reasonable cost.