Top 5 coolest gadgets every man will want

“Did that cab just miss me by inches ‘cause I was so absent-minded I stepped onto the crosswalk while the light was still red?”

We get out “hurries” on the moment that alarm clock buzzes.

It’s gonna be a hell of a day.

Why couldn’t it be a hell of an alarm clock, too, then?

At the end of the day (as everybody and their aunt will tell you), it’s the little things that count…like that moment of bliss at the family table as your kids refuse to eat kale.

Or that moment when the doorbell rings and it’s the FedEx girl called Tobey (with an e) delivering that cool gadget you’ve been wishing for.

Today, we talk about the later. After all, men will be men, right?

The Top 5 gadgets every hard-working man should own

No, scratch that…

The 5 gadgets every hard-working man DESERVES

  1. The best multi-tool out there

Like every man jack of our cavemen ancestors was wielding a club, every handy modern man should own this handy little gadget.

These little pieces of eye candy, if chosen right, can be one of those things that will make you wonder how you ever did anything without it.

Depending on your taste and your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of multitool types and sizes.

If you are into tech, have an office job and are electrics-savvy, you’ll consider something light and small that you can easily carry in your pocket and forget it’s there.

On the other hand, if you’re more butch and can handle a tight bolt, you’ll go with something more impressive – like some of the top models from Leatherman or Gerber.

We’d recommend something that makes an impression and will be a talking point, like the Leatherman Wave Black or the Leatherman Surge Black.

We’re telling you, whichever way you choose to go, your life will be split to before and after you got a multitool.

Just do a little test with, say, the Wave Black, and keep an eye on how your friends (and girls) react to your new sidekick.

Awesomeness Factor: 7/10

  1. Tactical flashlight

Flashlights are so 80s, right?

Take a look at this bad boy and tell us if it beats the ghastly plastic thing they use in horror movies when strange noises are coming from the basement.

Well, if Annabelle the doll juts its ugly head, she’s in for a world of pain.

Tactical flashlights are much more than a light.

Apart from the awesomeness factor, it’s a sturdy and heavy little piece that can be used in self-defense. In fact, it’s designed with that in mind.

Choosing is simple, you’ll know what tactical flashlight “speaks to you” when you see it.

But yeah, we know that most of you guys will just go with the coolest and the brightest gadget. And that’s all right…we would too…

Pair that with a good pair of, say, Danner tactical boots, and you’ll look like you mean business.

Awesomeness Factor: 8/10

  1. RIF6 cube

RIF cube is a little piece of genius that fits the palm of your hand and projects images and videos from your phone to a 120” surface.

You get a RIF6 cube and you make your peace with being “the guy who has the RIF.”

You’re probably known in your clique as the tall guy, the fat guy, the good looking guy or the smartass…whatever…

No more, you are now the RIF GUY.

Awesomeness Factor: 9/10

  1. A smart wallet

We’re willing to bet that you couldn’t find your wallet at least once in the past month.

We’re neck-deep in the 21st century, we’re doing face transplants (well, not we, someone out there is) and we’re still losing our wallets?

How is that still a thing?

In response to the prudent question we kept asking in our prayers, God gaveth us the smart walleth.

This enormously (for the lack of a better word) useful gadget is actually a Bluetooth device that you pair with your phone and the two keep track of each other.

It sounds an alarm when you walk too far away from it with your phone (like leave it at a café table).

With the budget versions, it only works one way – you track your wallet with your phone. But the better ones work both ways, you can also find your phone using your smart wallet.

While some of the other choices on the list might make you look geeky, a smart wallet is a facet of a gentleman.

Awesomeness Factor: 9.5/10

  1. BB-8 Star Wars droid

The last gadget on the list was never going to be something your mother would approve of.

Or something you NEED, for that matter.

It’s a little something to feed your inner child with while you play butch wielding a hefty multi tool and a tactical flashlight.

With the Awesomeness Factor of 10/10, the BB-8 droid won’t care if you’re a star war fan, it will make you love it.

This little whimsical orange “person”, wheels itself around as if it had a mind of its own.

But what is it, really?

BB-8 is a remote controlled robotic toy, but don’t tell him we said he’s a toy.

It’s a droid with extra pizzazz.

The BB-8 is aware of its environment and responding to it, whether it’s something you’re saying or something it’s exploring on its own.

We’re yet to meet a person under 70 that’s not impressed when they see what BB-8 can do.

As Rob Maigret, the Chief Creative Officer of Sphero, (the company that made the little speck of sorcery) puts it:

“We weren’t interested in making a robot that goes and fetches you a beer, we wanted to make one that has a beer with you.”

Beer or no beer, the force is strong with this orange madcap.