Tips to Increase Lean Muscle Mass Quickly

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Are you interested in increasing your muscle size? You have recently joined a fitness center and after some time you will realize that people strive hard to increase their muscle volume. When it comes to increase muscle size and increasing the percentage of lean muscle. You are supposed to follow diet and exercise routine properly and you can get Deca durabolin within Canada. Here are a couple of tips to help you build lean muscle quickly.

The Perfect Form of an Exercise

When you start an exercise, make sure to do it with the proper form because the right form of an exercise is more important than weights. Completing your exercise with incorrect form will turn all your efforts into a futile venture. Incorrect form of exercise will also develop muscles in a different manner. You will also become prone to muscle injuries. That is why it is imperative to correct your posture before you start resistance training.

Complete Major Lifts First

There are two types ofexercises;first type includes a group of muscles,and theother type concentrate on single muscles. You have to do those exercises first, which involve different muscle groups because you will need more energy and efforts to complete them. Doing compound exercises in the beginning of your exercise routine will also ensure that you do them properly and get the best results.

Set to Your Repetition Range between 6-10

You want to increase your muscle size and strength; you have to lift as much weight as you can. Use heavy weight with which youcan perform 6 to 10 repetitions only. If you can perform more than 10 repetitions, it means you are using lightweights. You are not putting your body muscles under pressure and they will not grow favorably.

Take a Day Off

Beginners are too much enthusiastic in increasing the muscle mass and take rest time for granted. They want to train their body parts every day and training same body parts every day will not benefit. You are supposed to give your muscles enough time to recover and grow in size. You should not train the same muscles before 48 hours.


Many people cannot understand the importance of stretching and this is a big blunder. Stretching reduces soreness and this increases the range of motion. Regular stretching will increase the benefits of exercise.

Eating Before and After Workout

What you eat before and after workout plays a significant part in developing the lean muscle mass in your body. Make suret consume quality proteins and carbohydrates after you finish your exercise routine. You can also take whey protein as a health supplement to increase the muscle size.

Use Muscle Gain Supplement

If you want to increase your muscle size, it is imperative to take a safe and effective muscle supplement after discussing with your physical trainer. These supplements are full of amino acids, protein and essential ingredients to help your body grow. These supplements are full of nutrients, make sure to consume organic and natural supplements.