Things To Know Before You Send Your Parcel to Portugal

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The concept of international postal design includes parcels and letters subject to postal delivery under the laws of the Universal Postal Union. The need to send a parcel abroad arises when there are native people or within the business. For the Cheap parcel to Portugal the following steps are used.

Sending Abroad

The most important thing is to choose the best option for the ratio of the cost of delivery to the deadline.

What is international departure?

There are the following types of international parcels to be sent abroad by mail:

  • Parcels (for sending items from 2 to 20 kilograms).
  • Letters (personal or documentary correspondence).
  • Small packages (for contents of a small weight of up to 2 kilograms).
  • Special bags with the marking “M” (for sending a written dispatch of heavy weight to 14500 grams from one sender to a permanent recipient).
  • Postcards (for congratulations, are simple and customized).
  • Secograms – written correspondence in plain form with a convex text for visually impaired people.
  • Express shipments – fast delivery of items sent.

Thus, you can send an international parcel of different types, weight and content.

Sending packages abroad

  • The basic requirements that must be met when forwarding international shipments include:
  • You cannot send items prohibited by customs and other legislation of Russia and the recipient country.
  • The maximum weight of the parcel is twenty kilograms.
  • The minimum size is 10 cm by 22 cm.

To begin with, you need to decide which type of departure is the item to be forwarded to and contact the Post office. To send a parcel, you need to fill in the form-label, customs declaration and accompanying inventory. Then the object is passed necessarily in the open to the operator. He checks, packs and formalizes international dispatch.

Making a parcel abroad

It is worthwhile to take care in advance of packing especially fragile or beating objects. It will not be superfluous to wrap them with polyethylene or cellophane. The process of delivering the item can be tracked by the track number that the mail officer will provide after the completion of the clearance process.

Ways of sending international parcels:

  • Ground transportation (in case the receiving country is the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan).
  • EMC express delivery.

It is important to prepare for shipment in advance, so as not to extend the delivery time of the parcel by additional actions of the employees of the Post.

How to calculate the cost

When there is a need for international dispatch, the question is logical: how cheaper to send a parcel abroad?

The price of postal delivery is influenced by such factors as weight, dimensions, method and country of receipt. Calculate the cost of an international parcel at the time of registration at the post office or on the site of the Russian Post with the help of an auto-tariffer.

Payment by post

To calculate the price in the second way, you need to fill in the following information:

  • The sending and receiving countries.
  • The weight of the shipment sent.
  • Select the delivery method.

Note the need to provide additional services, such as insurance, cash on delivery, delivery with extreme caution, description of the investment.To send it is the most profitable and cheap, you should choose an economical delivery option and do not use ancillary services without acute need. In this case you will have the best support from the ParcelABC service.