The Best Rated Mattress Topper/Pad

With so many mattress toppers and pads on the market, it’s important for consumers to know how to find the right ones.  Luckily, there are sites that compare products and show the best rated ones.

Best Rated Mattress Toppers

            Memory foam mattress toppers are typically the best rated.  They are often the most effective at improving comfort and come in a variety of thickness and density styles to suit consumers’ individual preference.  No product is without it’s down-side and memory foam is no exception.  Memory foam toppers emit an initial odor, they obtain some heat trapping potential, in higher temperatures it’s possible to experience a ‘squishy’ feeling, they are relatively heavy, and the higher density ones can be difficult to move on.

            Feather mattress toppers are another of the best rated types.  They are generally effective when the goal is to soften a firm mattress.  They are also relatively light weight and few consumers report issues with heat retention.  There are also some notably rated cons to this type of mattress topper.  The first is that it can lack adequate thickness.  Feathers can also poke through the material, making getting through the night a painful experience.  Finally, they can be a little noisy and require dry cleaning often. Check out some comparisons on the types of toppers here.

            Latex mattress toppers are another top consumer rated variety.  They have the ability to make the mattress softer or firmer.  They also provide above average pain relief and come in a number of varieties.  Latex mattress is slightly less likely than memory foam to have heat retention or odor.  One of the major downsides to the latex mattress toppers, however, are that they are slightly more expensive compared to other toppers.  They are also limited in their availability, returns can be costly and inconvenient, and some odor is possible.

            The fiber or down alternative mattress toppers are another of the best rated among consumers.  These toppers are usually effective in softening the mattress, they are generally inexpensive, and possess little or no odor/allergy causing potential.  These toppers may be to lumpy for some consumers, but are perfect for others.  They also have the potential to be damaged by machine washing or drying.

            Finally, the wool mattress toppers provide general effectiveness at softening the mattress.  They remain fairly cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  They are also rated the best when it comes to durability and long – lasting quality.  These toppers, however, may not provide adequate cushioning for some.  There is a sort of “barn yard” odor associated with these.  Finally, they may require frequent fluffing and shaking to maintain loft.

Best Rated Mattress Pads

            The top rated mattress pad, due to the machine washable capabilities, are the cotton ones.  They provide just enough extra comfort while protecting the mattress that consumers feel it’s the perfect mix of comfort and durability.  They are also easily machine washable.  The down sides are that they can be hot and aren’t as durable as other options.

            The next type of mattress pad are the protectants.  These cover the entire mattress and zip on one end to provide extra durability.  Some are extremely durable, and others not so much.  They are machine washable, but consumers should follow directions carefully.  Consumers find issues with the difficulty in changing these from the mattress, they are a bit more expensive, and they are a little harder to care for.  These are an excellent choice, however, for protecting the mattress itself.

            The final type of pad are the heated pads.  These are typically the best rated during the winter months.  Mimicking a heated blanket, these pads have adjustable controls and inner wiring.  They provide extra heat and comfort during the winter months.  They are a bit more expensive than other types, but for the extra heat most consumers don’t mind paying a little extra.  They are typically more durable than the other pads, but this may be because they are typically not used during the summer months.  They are also a bit of a pain to care for.  Due to the electrical wiring, specific instructions must be followed for washing, and typically these cannot be washed in a machine.

            Consumers rate products all the time online.  Best consumer rated reviews provide real-life experience from consumers on a product.  It can help other consumers save money.  Utilizing these reviews can also prevent consumers for repeated bad experiences.