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Polyvinyl Chloride, commonly called as PVC is one of the many types of plastic. It is an eco-friendly plastic which contains 57% chlorine and requires comparatively less amount of crude oil for preparation. It is widely used as a building material, especially to make PVC fittings and pipes.

These fittings cost less than metal and other materials and therefore if you want to cut down your building expenses, these fittings are just perfect.

A number of riveting options are available which include connector, fixtures like elbows, reducer brushing, pipes, end caps, primers, etc. PVC pipes find applications in several areas such as plumbing in residential plots and even commercial complex water treatment systems. They have excellent properties which make these fittings tough, heat resistant, fire resistant, thermal resistant and eco-friendly.

PVC pipes do not possess the property of being rusted like some metal pipes. Therefore, they maintain the quality of water and maintain great connection with other pipes by avoiding leakage. To make these pipes, multiple types of machines are used which make various types of pipes and fittings like PET Sheet Extrusion Line, Plastic Single-Wall Corrugated pipes, Plain Socketing Machines, PVC Pipe Slotting Machines, etc.

PVC Pipes and Fittings have the following advantages:

  • They are very simple to be operated and installed.
  • They are lesser in cost than other types of fittings like iron and copper.
  • They do not produce toxic flames like some other types of plastic fittings.
  • Unlike iron fittings, they do not rust. PVC fittings have an anti-corrosion property which avoids the material from decaying and producing toxic compounds.
  • Environmental-friendly raw materials used in PVC, so its fittings are eco-friendly.
  • They are fire-resistant and are not prone to catching fire during installation.
  • The transportation cost is reduced because they are light in weight.
  • They are widely used in agricultural farming because they are resistant to a number of chemicals, fertilisers and varied temperature conditions.
  • The life of these fittings is longer than fittings of any other material. They last for 7-15 years, whereas, metal pipes need to be repaired or replaced after a year or so.
  • They are tough but flexible and hence, do not fracture easily. They are light in weight, so they don’t break if dropped from a height. Due to their flexibility, they remain unbroken under pressure. Hence, they are apt for underground applications.
  • The chances of clogging are very less because their inner surface is very smooth and therefore, resists anything from being stuck to the walls.
  • They are anti-corrosion, therefore the quality of water running inside is not hampered by any foreign substances.
  • They are used as insulation pipes due to their thermal resistant properties.

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