How To Look Great Without

Breaking The Bank

Looking good is important in society today for multiple reasons. Not only does the look your portray promote your image, it also speaks volume about your social standing as well as making a strong statement about your self image. Creating this look that wow’s everyone can be an expensive and daunting task when hunting for wardrobe pieces. Without spending the hard earned dollars you make at your job, it is quite simple to create an affordably great look. Shopping out of the current season, shopping around at multiple locations to piece outfits together, scouring clearance racks, and even re-purposing older items are all alternatives to this.


Retail stores are usually a little bit ahead of each season when they bring merchandise to the floor. Seeing the new trends can be helpful in anticipating what the general style for that season will be. With this knowledge, it may be easier to piece together a great ensemble. Multiple pieces from your current wardrobe may fit right in with the new looks which no longer makes it necessary to purchase all new pieces. Freshen up that bright orange tank you bought last year, by simple purchasing one cute cardigan to accompany it. Then to finish it off, pair it with those grey pants you bought this past winter to fit right in. When the new line of items comes in, the older items are usually discounted to get rid of them. If you buy a discounted winter item in summertime, just hold on to it for a few months and it will be perfect for the next winter season. Planning ahead is crucial if you want to really save money when shopping for fashionable items.


Surprisingly enough, everyone shops for clothes at multiple location. Chances are that your co-workers outfit that you love has been pieced together with items found in many different places. Purchasing the basics at a discount store such as TJ Maxx or Marshalls creates a low cost alternative to building the base of your great wardrobe. You can lower that price even more by using digital coupons like a TJ Maxx discount code. Normally, thrift stores carry some unique pieces that can act as the focal point of an outfit. Name brand items can be found here and with a little extra love, they can be great. Purchasing at these multiple locations offers the flexibility and affordability to look great even at a low price.


Clearance racks may scare you to think that the options on them are sub-par or just left overs. Every once and a while some great finds can be purchased from these areas in a retail store. Cheap items are a great way to cost effectively build a fantastic wardrobe. Also, it always feels great to get a great deal. Buying from local garage sales or even used clothing stores online can be another great alternative to scoring a great deal.


Every once and a while there is a look that can be created by re-purposing an already purchased item. Instead of buying that tie-dye shirt for ten dollars, consider making one from a white t-shirt in your closet. Perhaps your looking for a distressed piece of costume jewelry to go with that perfect dress. Older items can be put together to create new and updated looks with a little imagination. Whether its putting a belt on a dress or a pretty patch on your jacket, the possibilities are endless.

Looking great does not have to cost a fortune. Many different options and money saving techniques are available in order to not break the bank. Whether it be watching the trends and shopping at multiple stores, or scouring clearance racks and re-purposing cheap or older items; the possibilities are endless. With a small amount of imagination and some great determination, creating a great look at a great price is easy to do as well as rewarding.