Industrial Monitoring and Telemetry

Telemetry is a fully automated and extremely advanced system of communication that entails data collection and measurements without requiring the physical presence of anyone. This system actually aids you in taking accurate measurements of diverse elements, activities and processes without any need for human contact. Today the businesses have realized the importance and efficacy of telemetry and they are employing this state-of-the-art technology for enhanced efficiency and increased productivity.

Various disaster management agencies, meteorological agencies and law enforcement agencies are some of the primary users of this brilliant technology. This technology has taken a further leap with the wireless transmission of data across really huge distances.

Mobile telemetry is basically about facilitating the transmission of accurate information just at the correct time. When you have this system employed, you have access to precise information without any hassle or inconvenience and this information comes in handy in helping you take important decisions quickly without losing any valuable time. Mobile Telemetry today is being implemented across diverse industries and is responsible for great results because of its superb applications.

Several types of telemetry equipment are easily accessible to you depending mostly on the type of data that needs to be collected. They generally include Temperature, Humidity, Power Consumption, Light Levels, Flow, Flood, Pressure, Vibration, Voltage, G-force Impact etc.

During the process of industrial monitoring, telemetry facilitates the transfer of accurate data via wireless connectors directly to computers and mobile phones as well. Telemetry today has made it possible to evaluate and manage issues and situations without actually going to the site or being present there.

Telemetry: Industrial Applications

Telemetry is known to have unbelievable variety of applications and is being used with great success in areas including pumps, storage tanks meant for fuel, gases and chemicals, air conditioning, air compressors, vehicles etc. Mobile telemetry LLC is known to use various modes of communication for monitoring diverse kinds of data. The equipment is capable of using satellite mobile phone networks for transmitting data signals according to the precise area of application.

While purchasing the telemetry equipment, you should be choosing the kind of sensor, which is actually applicable to your precise industry for efficient data transmission. The wireless equipment facilitates easy installation in vague or isolated locations without encountering any risks of wire tampering or lightning for that matter.

Brings Down Logistics Costs

The equipment is responsible for monitoring and transferring data directly to your device, making decision-making relatively easier. You no longer waste your time, resources and energy in going to the work-site again and again for monitoring, you simply need to use the telemetry monitors for determining which gears need repair or which tanks need to be refilled and so on.  It is very effective in reducing or even eliminating errors that are usually made while requesting orders and even when logging in records.

Installs Easily

Mobile telemetry equipment has a distinctive feature that is no power connections or phone lines are present. This facilitates easy installation. This distinctive design feature is effective in reducing the material costs involved in the installation process.

Frequency of Transmission & Readings

Telemetry equipment can be programmed for reading and transmitting data as frequently as you require it. So you are able to customize the operation of the equipment as per your specific industry requirements. The equipment has fantastic data storage space that enables you to cut down frequency of transmissions whenever you need to. However, historical data is accessible for at least a month.

Assured Data Security

The wonderful feature of mobile telemetry data is that you would be requiring unique identity information and passwords for accessing the data. Security is definitely a major concern as the transmitted data is supposed to be confidential and sensitive. User names and secure passwords are essential whenever there are modifications in the equipment configuration and programming to rule out any kind of interference from unauthorized sources.

Author Bio: Randal Hart is an electronics engineer working with a mobile solutions firm which specializes in mobile telemetry LLC. He is also into blogging and photography.