Why is Indian Rummy Considered as the Game of Skills?

Have you ever thought that the game of rummy can be the game of skills? Many of use believed it to be a form of gambling, but this myth was derailed and rummy was widely accepted as the skill game. Ace2Three was the first website to bring rummy online in India and now it has become the premier Indian site which had brought thousands of Indians to a single platform to play rummy online. It has come up with a brand new TVC. This one is aimed at rummy lovers and the ad strikes the right chord. Check out this new Ace2Three TVC and have a good laugh.

This hilarious TVC by Ace2Three captures the mindset of every rummy lover and depicts how people who love to play rummy always find something to crave their desire. The ad is set in a jewelry shop where a family has gone to purchase jewelry for their daughter. This is where her father starts noticing the shapes of these jewels and arranges them in order of a rummy sequence. Now, even the seller turns out to be a rummy lover and he helps the father in completing his sequence by taking the earring away from the daughter. The TVC is a great example of how people who love rummy can make everything about the game, it seems pretty comical.

However, playing Indian rummy online is a different ball game altogether. You would need the right set of skills in order to play rummy enjoyably. Let’s see the reasons why it is known as the Game of Skills.

Reasons why Indian Rummy is known as the Game of Skills


Unlike other forms of the rummy card game, Indian rummy has a different set of rules and a lot of skills need to be applied in order to win the game. The game is also famously known as the ‘Game of Skills’ and below are the reasons for it.

Number of Cards

In Indian rummy, the number of cards which are dealt is 13. It is also an online 13 card game which is played by arranging these cards in a particular sequence. Other forms of rummy might have more or less number of cards but in Indian rummy, there are 13 cards. This makes it somewhat difficult to arrange them in sequences and requires a certain amount of skill to win. But once mastered, you can seamlessly arrange these cards in the desired manner.


When you look for how to play cards rummy online in a platform such as Ace2Three, you will be shown the rules along with the type of sequence you need to make in order to win the game. Although the sequencing is quite simple, it will take a fair amount of practice before you become the master of the game. You can also download the rummy android app by Ace2Three which can help you becoming more skillful with the game.

Basic Rules

When you play card games online, they have certain rules which all the players must abide by. Similarly, there are many basic rules for rummy game which need to adhere while you are playing the game, be it offline or online. What is more fascinating is that many rules are quite uncommon and different from other forms of rummy. To know the rules, you would need to play them frequently which will definitely help in mastering the skill.


The calculation of scores is completely different in Indian rummy which makes it more interesting. Unlike other card games rummy variants, the scores are calculated on different metrics. This makes the player be attentive and involved throughout the game. Simply start playing rummy games online on platforms such as Ace2Three. It will help you in getting to know the score distribution in a better way.

The Bottom Line

These are the various reasons why the Indian rummy is known as the Game of skill and one needs a certain amount of skills to be able to win the game. If you wish to play rummy online, you can simply visit Ace2Three.com and start playing as it is 100% legal to play in India. Moreover, you can also download rummy games on your phone and start playing online. With the free rummy download, you have nothing to lose. This is probably the best respite for rummy lovers who want to indulge in the game. Although there are various rummy games online platforms but Ace2Three is clearly the best option if you desire to play rummy online.