How Simple Mobile Apps Transform Your Business

In the palm of your hand exists a powerful tool for your business – your smartphone. Mobile apps are quickly expanding from just consumer realms to efficient business applications. It is easier than ever to download an array of mobile apps that can help organize your business, employees and work flow. Apps are increasingly becoming a part of everyday business.

By switching over to mobile apps for processes that were formally manual, many companies are saving thousands of dollars. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you should absolutely make use of these tools. Here are a few ways that apps for business will help you in making your business run that much smoother.


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Consumer Management

Consumers are the driving force of any business. Managing consumers and sales is vital for a business’s growth and its ability to satiate costumer demands. Customer relationship management apps (more commonly known as CRM) are abundant. By tracking customers through CRM, businesses are able to gain a better picture of how to continue serving and attracting customers.

Although CRM softwares vary, many apps integrate marketing and social management features. Certain apps provide the sales segments of your company and employees who are in sales and marketing with the ability to communicate with costumers more personally. With apps like those, you can send messages to individual customers. For the busy or picky customer, this is preferably to mass emails such as those in marketing campaigns.

Some CRM apps also grant you with the ability to manage and categorize your customers into groups by interest and demographics. This will give insight to what marketing strategies you can use and to whom you will direct those efforts.


Many modern employees rely on their smartphones for work related activities. Although this can be simply checking emails, the range of activities employees now complete on their smartphones is growing quickly. With cloud computing and the like, employees can upload and share documents and presentations and project managers can stay updated on important project development updates on their mobile devices.


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Workflow apps like Job Progress exist to keep your existing system running well. They provide an easier way to manage and calculate project cost and times.  Project lifecycles, no matter how complex, are kept track of, allowing you to make sure projects get completed properly and efficiently. Workflow apps also are invaluable for tracking labour, accounting and billing schedules.

Regardless of what apps you decide to use and for what particular purpose, mobile apps, in general, provide a simplicity and mobility to your business processes that are rarely matched by traditional means. Use these apps to your advantage as you grow and lead your business.