Give A Try to the Winstrol-Testosterone Cycle

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Winstrol is one of the popular anabolic steroids which is approved for both human and veterinary use. It is used both for the development of muscles and loss of fat.Winstrol is known to give you effects similar to that of the DTH derivative steroid. It does not get converted into estrogen like most DTH steroid.Winstrol is also one of the top cutting steroids available in today’s market in both injectable and oral form. This steroid is excellent for the cutting cycle and thus preferred by most bodybuilders. It helps you attain a tough physique. Some bodybuilders depend only on Winstrol while some prefer to stack it with other steroids.

The best way to combine Winstrol and Testosterone

Winstrol works great when stacked with Testosterone. You can cycle Testosterone with Winstrolin two ways. As a bodybuilder, you can take the steroid Testosterone for about 8 to 12 weeks together with Winstrol for a total of 6 weeks. You can either take Winstrol in the initial 6 weeks or the last 6 weeks. Normally, it has been seen that you can expect better results if taken at the beginning of your Winstrol-Test cycle. It gives you quicker results. But ifWinstrol is taken towards the end of the cycle, you get to see the resultslater when the cycle is about to end.Winstrolis known to suppress testosterone production. In this combined cycle, Winstrol has a tendency to balance the cycle, minimize the activity of estrogen and offer you a good anabolic effect.This combined cycle should be followed right before any competition. Overall, this cycle not only helps you to experience an increase in the muscle mass along with retention of water but also avoids some of the natural side effects.

Only Winstrol cycle

Winstrol only cycle is preferred by bodybuilders during their cutting phase in order to maintain the lean muscles. It has been seen that most people use it for stacking with other steroids, but actually it can also be taken independently. It helps you to get rid of the last layer of fat in your body that acts as anobstacle in making out your toned body. If you use it in the cutting phase, it will not lead to weight gain. Such independent Winstrolcutting cycle can consist of either oral tablets or the injectable form that aids in boosting the level of testosterone in your body.

Dosage of the Winstrol-Testosterone cycle

Like all other steroids, even Winstrol-Test cycle has separate dosage for men and women. It is normally recommended that men should go for an oral dose of 35 -75 mg Winstroldaily and an injectable dose of 25-50 in a day. The dosage that women should follow is much lower than that of men. They should go for a maximum of 5 to 10 mg of Winstrol oral cycle daily and literally stay away from the injectable form. Along with this, men can stack 350 to 500mg of testosterone in a day. But women are advised not to stack Testosterone with Winstrol.