Evolution of Rummy Beyond Boundaries and Timelines

We are all familiar with rummy games that are played during most gatherings and occasions in India. People really enjoy this game as it is simple to understand. The flexibility offered by this game makes it an ideal choice for all occasions. While the game is so much a part of Indian traditions and has stayed in India for over a century, it did not originate here. A good rummy player is sure to be curious about the game’s history and origin. So, here is how the game originated and evolved till it came to India. A brief summary of its present popularity online is also mentioned:


Mahjong was a game developed in China during the Qing Dynasty. During the 20th century, the game spread due to its popularity throughout the world. The game is played using 144 tiles with Chinese characters and symbols on it. There are variations of the game where are few tiles are added or subtracted. Each player is distributed 13 tiles. The players discard or draw tiles till their melds and eye are complete. A player needs to complete four melds and an eye or pair. This is regarded as one of the preliminary games from which rummy game must have evolved in later periods.


Khanhoo is a Chinese Card Game that does not involve partnerships. It is believed to have been developed from Mahjong. The first recorded variation of the game was played during the Ming Dynasty. Sir William Henry Wilkinson later developed the game to match the English tastes. The game has several variations and the Mexican Game Conquian is said to have its origin in this game.


Conquian is regarded as the father of all modern variations of the rummy card games. While the common belief regarding the game is that it originated in Mexico in 1800s, some also believe it originated in Spain hundreds of years ago and then came to Mexico where it is played in the latest form. It is played in Mexico with the Spanish 40 cards deck. The game as similar rules as rummy and that is why it is regarded as the beginning of rummy card games.

Indian Rummy

Rummy came to India through immigrants and also through the British. Many variants of the game are played in different parts of India. The Indian rummy game is a common choice in most family gatherings. The game is easy to understand and people of all ages can play this game with equal enthusiasm.

Online Rummy

As most people spend their maximum time in front of laptops and mobile phones these days, the ultimate rummy experience has also transcended to the online platform. Many websites and apps like KhelplayRummy have come up with online avenues to play the rummy game. The KhelplayRummy site has many variations of the game for its players as listed below:

  • 10 cards rummy
  • 13 cards rummy game
  • 21 cards rummy
  • Pool Rummy
  • Deals Rummy

You can play all these variations online with the help of modern apps. All you need to do to enjoy this is create a free online account. You need a good internet connection once you do rummy game free download. You can then enjoy this game anytime and anywhere without interruptions. This is the latest stage of evolution of rummy game.