Knowledge on E-liquids

A sort of electronic cigarette that vaporizes to create smoke similar to traditional cigarette is termed E-liquid. Various flavours and various proportion of nicotine can be chosen and customized based on individual’s needs. The knowledge is to be gathered by the user before trying it.

Using E-liquid

An E-liquid with least nicotine content can be bought. The main ingredient in E-liquid is the vegetable glycerine which precipitates when not utilised for few or more hours. So, just after opening the bottle of E-liquid, it should be shaken well before removing the cap. The electronic cigarette can be refilled by adding precisely 20 drops carefully. Then the liquid is allowed to precipitate to drench the internal fibres, thus making the electronic cigarette ready to use at any time needed.

Ingredients of E-liquid

Like general fright of using a new product launched in the market, E-liquid also has led many doubts on side effects. The knowledge on E-liquid and its ingredients can help in justification and clarification of its usage. The word E-liquid explains by itself that the main ingredient will be in the form of liquid. Because of its availability in the liquid state, this is also termed as smoke juice and e-juice. The main ingredients are nicotine, flavours, and propylene glycol. Many variations are being customized according to the need. But yet the common form is made by the addition of water and flavours to the glycerine base or propylene glycol. Many flavours are available like vanilla, cigar, coffee, other than the normal ones. More exotic flavours like watermelon, strawberry, and mango are also available. Due to the individuality, there is a need for variety in flavours. During the initial period of quitting smoking, tobacco flavour is preferred in general by most of the people.

Customized proportion of nicotine

One of the key ingredients of E-liquid is the nicotine. Based on the user’s fondness, the E-liquid can be found in various concentrations while choosing from the best UK E-liquid. The subject matter varies in the case of each manufacturer. When 6-8 ml of nicotine is included in the E-liquid, then the dosage is said to be medium and in the case of 16-18 ml of the same included makes the high dosage. All the particulars concerned can be known from the printed cartridge.  One of the popular brands in E-liquid is Youbonly which can be bought online.

Major manufacturers of E-liquid

China and the United States are the major producers of E-liquid as on 2011. The rules are so lenient in China where the manufacturers just need to acquire nontoxic testing permits as an evidence for mixing nicotine with batches of E-liquid. UK and US are the major countries selling such E-liquids online through the web. Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act has stated that the manufacturers must strictly stick on to the guiding principles. FDA is at present, underwriting rules for manufacturing and sale of electronic cigarettes and E-liquids. The utilisation of such E-liquids in the eradication of smoking has led increasing in demand. But then, for some people, this E-liquid is of great advantage but for others, it may result in regular smoking habits. Thus it should be chosen sensibly.