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“Cyber Security” – This term has become very common these days and it is almost everywhere – in the print media – in blog posts, websites, articles and what not. People and organizations are highly concerned about the safety of the network infrastructurethat they are taking every suitable step to mitigate the threat as soon as the threat factor is identified. Nonetheless, general internet user’sknowledge is very limited when it comes to cyber threats. Hence, they are highly susceptibletocyber attacks andparticularlysenior citizens fall for social engineering tactics. Social engineering is a tactic where a cyber criminal calls you and creates a sense of urgency that compels you to give out sensitive information. Now imagine a scenario where general internet users know about these tactics and other types of strategies hackers use to trick the common men, will they fall for such attacks? Absolutely, No! And that is what we call as Cyber Situational Awareness (CSA) – which is the soulof Cyware, built with an objective to spread awareness and help people to identify frauds and scams.

Most of the time, cyber criminals target the human interest factor to achieve their goals and this strategy played a major role in successful security attacks. Sometimes, these attacks involve spear-phishing scams with malicious attachments camouflaged as an important document such asinvoice or order copy or shipping details to name a few. If the user opens such mails believing to be an important document, they become susceptible to malware attacks. Such social engineering threats can only be mitigated through Cyber Situational Awareness. Unlike training, awareness is not just a day job, but a continuous process, which is highly essential to stay protected from the potential threats.

While the sophistication of the cyber threats grows every day, it has become increasingly essential to stay aware of these threat vectors. A well strategized Cyber Situational Awareness platform helps users to understand these threat vectors easily and also gives suitable tips and advice to stay safe while accessing the Word Wide Web. In order to ensure this,Cyware – Powered by IBM Watson technology takes every suitable step to spread the cyber situational awareness by presenting the latest and vital cyber security news in real-time. The experts at Cyware Labs curate the important news in a summarized format, which helps the readers to quickly catch-upwith the latest happenings of the cyber world without much effort. When it comes to cyber security, a person should be aware of the latest malware, viruses, scams, frauds happening all over the world.

The Cyware mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users. Readers can also subscribe to CyBuzz, CyHacker, andCyWeeklyto receive the significant cyber world updates directlyin their inbox.A well-informed readerisless likely tofall for cyber attacks when compared to theuninformed readers. Hence, Cyber Situational Awareness is must for every user, which is easily obtained through Cyware that keeps you updated.