5 Colors Anybody Can Rock

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There are a lot of things you must consider when you pick an outfit. A lot of people just wear whatever look attractive instead of focusing on the event, their skin tone and weather.

All these factors get to decide what you should wear to an event. In this article we are going to talk about colors as they play a very important role in how we look.

The right color depends on several factors, most importantly the weather, your skin tone and the event. If the weather is warm, you should ideally wear clothes that keep you cool. Similarly, in winters wear colors that absorb heat to keep you warm. Additionally, your skin tone should be kept in mind too.

Many people get confused about certain colors as the likes of orange and yellow can be worn only by few brave individuals. Nonetheless, there are some colors that are universal and can be worn by one and all. Without much ado, let’s talk about five such colors:


It is said that charcoal can make lighter skin tones look rich and darker skin tones look ashy which is a treat for both. If you are bored of wearing black, you should try a dark version of charcoal as it gives the same same feel as black but appears much more attractive.

Charcoal comes in everything from dresses to sportswear so it’s open for any individual who is looking for neutral shading clothing.


Fuchsia falls between a dull color and a sharp color so it functions admirably with most skin tones. It’s not very sharp hence it would not overshadow your skin tone.

Another great benefit of this color is the fact that it mixes well with everything and you can come up with some unique mixes.

Emerald Green

Famous celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Elizabeth Moss often step out in this color as it is unique and isn’t exactly worn as much as it should.

Emerald green goes well with all skin tones and can be worn with different colors.

Black And White

White and black are universal colors and can be worn by everyone. Pure white comes in one shade and looks splendid, but you can try variations as well such as off-white.

On the other hand, black doesn’t offer many shades but can look different based on the fabric. These two colors are perfect for every occasion and can be worn with different colors as they sync well with all of them. Black and white can be your safest bet on any given day.

Pure Purple

Purple is a mixture of the two colors, red and blue. Purple is brilliant and sharp like red yet unobtrusive like blue, so it can be worn with a wide range of colors and it looks extraordinary on all skin tones.

So start shopping today and pick one of these colors. If you are not confident with how you look, you may add a bunch of accessories from PearlsOnly to complete your look.