1950’s Home Décor

The 1950s home décor style had its beginnings in the late forties, flourishing and taking over the homes. The economy grew in the 1950s, resulting in increased construction to provide families with new Ranch style homes. It was also the time when poodle skirts, drive-ins and diners were all the rage. This exuberant period in time also saw the influence of new and improved technologies, space exploration and science.

The 1950s had three major colour trends – pastel, Scandinavian and modern. The popular pastel colours were mainly mint green, pink, blue, pale yellow and turquoise. On the other hand, modern colours were bright and clean. These included electric blue, red, white, orange, vibrant yellow and black. Sophistication lied in the Scandinavian colour scheme, while also being heavily influenced by nature. These colours comprised of shades of green, cream, brown and grey. It was during that period that turquoise turned extremely popular and bold design such as stripes, polka dots, stars and checks soon came into vogue.

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Atomic inspired graphics such as planets, space and science and the popular Boomerang pattern were all used on furniture fabrics, wallpaper, curtains and tablecloths. Fabrics with fruits, abstract designs and flowers were also everywhere!

The furniture designs of that period was very much different of todays. These ranged from comfortable upholstered traditional furniture, to Scandinavian. These were designed in light-coloured woods and clean lines, to space age, organic shapes. Paired up with chrome- legged tables were Chrome and vinyl chairs with Formica tops. These were both fashionable and durable.

The surprising part was that the architectural style was becoming more industrialised. This sparked attention in goods that paralleled modern materials. Unlike today, homes of that period were open and airy. Screens were used instead of walls to separate rooms, making the homes seem more spacious. Another technique used to create an increased effect of plenty of natural light was the sliding glass doors and floor to ceiling windows.

Kitchen decorations were the most impressive. No steps were wasted in serving meals or cleaning up. Many used a drop-leaf cart that carried food to the table in one trip. Various kitchen styles were found in the 1950s, such as the colourful ones, easily maintained kitchen with enamelled steel cabinets with stainless steel counters and custom-designed smoke hood, open kitchen, double duty Kitchen Island, pace-setting kitchen, revolutionary ranch house kitchen, pace-setter kitchen and more! The walls in the 1950s homes were normally of neutral colours or panelled in light woods. These homes were still colourful and bright. This combination made the house casual, inviting and bright.