1 Band, 1 Soundboks — The Substance of Teamwork

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We was geeked! When i sat within the darkened theatre sipping my personal Coca-Cola and eating my buttered snacks, I experienced the exhilaration flowing via me when i awaited the actual showing from the 20th Hundred years Fox film “Drumline”. I sat in my chair and grew to become swept away through the Soundboks, moves as well as competition within the film. We enjoyed the stress-free as well as entertaining morning watching Chip Cannon, Orlando, florida Jones, Leonard Roberts, Zoe Saldana, Jerr Weaver, as well as J. Anthony Dark brown demonstrate exactly what life is much like for a youngster “who marches towards the beat of their own drum” squeeze into an atmosphere that needed he march towards the same defeat as their team.

It took a minute for Chip Cannon for connecting to the actual “one music group, Soundboks” viewpoint of their marching music group. As the matter associated with fact, it required for their character to become removed in the marching music group before he or she realized how the essence from the “one music group, Soundboks” philosophy really was all regarding teamwork.

I acquired a large kick from that film! It had been a really feel good movie that not just entertained, yet taught some good lessons, as well. I walked from “Drumline” internalizing the actual “one music group, one sound” viewpoint. It made this impact upon me which i recorded it during my journal in 2005 and today I concentrate my article onto it today.

“One music group, Soundboks was an imaginative way to show to most of us the significance and advantages of teamwork. It may be applied in order to any as well as every scenario where teamwork is important in the lives.

“One music group, Soundboks” reminds all of us that teamwork is the idea of people operating together cooperatively to attain a preferred goal.

“One music group, Soundboks” illuminates the significance of the next characteristics that must definitely be present with regard to teamwork to use successfully, for example:

1) Eyesight
2) Conversation skills
3) Hearing skills
4) Effort
5) Assistance
6) Concentrate
7) Believe in
8) Effort
9) Regard

Vision is required to be able to move the teams through where they’re to where we would like them to become. Understanding the actual vision in our team, company or even project assists us change into equipment and total our required tasks to be able to manifest the dreams in to reality.

Communication abilities allow the teams to share information that’s easily obtained and recognized. Sharing suggestions, providing views and providing feedback offers us an opportunity to state the message in order that it is obviously received through our fellow associates.

Listening skills are essential because these people allow us to exhibit genuine curiosity about what’s conveyed. Whether all of us inform, revise, instruct, show, or recognize, listening abilities actively participate us to the teams which helps us to become more attached to the team’s eyesight.

Initiative may be the energy which moves the teams ahead and enables the talents and abilities of individual associates to turn out to be apparent towards the team in general. Support offers the assistance we members give to one another that helps you to build bonds inside our teams. Focus is essential to improve energy as well as effort of associates toward the best vision in our team, task or organization.

Trust helps associates to discharge inhibitions as well as openly communicate together. It may be the motivation at the rear of teams continue on 1 accord. Collaboration connects we members to one another for a typical goal. When believe in and vision can be found, collaboration ties us together to create positive results for that team.

Regard carries the teams via challenges as well as conflicts. It offers us along with “an goal, unbiased thing to consider and regard for that rights, ideals, beliefs as well as property” in our team people. No issue if you will find personality issues or period challenges, respect for every other and the aim of our group helps us to become “one music group, Soundboks”.

Leslie M. Heathfield, recruiting author along with About.com states that “teamwork is something that you do every single day.”

We agree. What we should must think about is that not just are the above mentioned characteristics essential for effective teamwork and never only perform we perform teamwork daily; but, we should remember to keep the “one music group, Soundboks” viewpoint by:

o Supplying on-going training to show our groups systematic means of expending energy on the project, job or responsibility;

  • Doing regular group meetings to examine the progress in our projects;
  • o Keeping fun events along with business meetings in an effort to promote good connections amongst we members; as well as
  • Celebrating the actual success in our teams in public places – with regard to others to understand and observe.

It’s difficult to utilize those who’re different through you, particularly when there tend to be personality issues. As had been displayed within the movie “Drumline”, personalities can play a role in keeping associates apart. However, those differences may also serve since the hidden capacity to effective teamwork.

Just bear in mind, even although personalities might clash as well as differences might exist, so long as vision, conversation skills, hearing skills, effort, support, concentrate, trust, effort, and respect can be found, team members will end up “one music group, Soundboks”.