What your sun sign says about your money habits


If you ever feel your money has a mind of its own, maybe a look at the stars could reveal a few secrets. ET Wealth tells you how to handle your money based on your zodiacsign.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)


You are fearless, dynamic and competitive by nature. You strive for a challenging career that comes with attractive financial perks. You are equally unafraid of spending money, which makes it difficult for you to follow a budget. You are a born risk-taker and prefer aggressive investments. However, you are also easily tempted by get-rich-quick schemes.

What you should do: Stay away from dubious schemes that promise quick gains. Embrace the financial risk in the stock market instead to make your money grow over time.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)


Patience and devotion is the name of the game for you. You only believe in working hard and climbing the ladder to success methodically. However, such dedication makes you averse to change and hence limits you professionally. The upside to this consistency is that you are a disciplined saver, but tend to be conservative when it comes to investments.

What you should do: Shake off stagnation in order to go forward with better career opportunities. You are likely to be successful with real estate investments.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)



Curiosity is your middle name—you want to pursue your various interests and keep learning new things. This may cause you to switch jobs often, which can impact your finances because of inconsistent income. You are also prone to making impulsive purchases and find it difficult to accumulate wealth.

What you should do: As you tend to easily lose interest in monotonous jobs, you should look at setting up multiple streams of income to keep you going.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)


For you, securing your family is top priority. You are willing to work hard to create a solid income stream and stash plenty of money in the bank. However, in doing so you often sacrifice your own interests. You are a careful spender and prefer to go safe with your investments.

What you should do: It is best that you rely on your instincts for financial decisions, but take the occasional risk to boost your savings plan. Don’t hesitate to enjoy your money and treat yourself occasionally.

Leo (July 23 – Aug 21)


You don’t believe in just earning a living and getting by. You are rather ambitious and driven to live a luxurious lifestyle. You also enjoy gifting and treating your friends and family. This means that saving money can be a task for you. However, the competitive streak in you will push you to work harder and keep the moolah flowing in.

What you should do: Since you appreciate glitter, invest in gold and silver instead of splurging only on cars and collectibles. Use your ambition to achieve financial success too.

Virgo (Aug 22 – Sept 23)


You will find that you are naturally very grounded about the way you earn and spend your money. Desire to work for a cause you believe in or helping a community through your services often leaves you with a low paying job. However, your instinctive budgeting skills and saving tactics make up for it. Also, you believe in putting much forethought before picking investment tools.

What you should do: Harness your research skills to include equity investments in your financial plan.

Libra (Sept 24 –Oct 23)


Despite the sign of the scale, balancing is not exactly your strong suit. You enjoy spending on personal luxuries, which takes up most of your salary. You are also quite indecisive, which stops you from making firm decisions about your finances. On the other hand, you work well in partnerships and constant feedbacks help you make better decisions.

What you should do: Try to set aside a portion of your earnings before going on the spending spree. Consider taking help from a professional adviser to craft a definite plan for your money.

Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22)


You are famous among your peers for your sharp skills, intelligence and that bit of mystery in your personality. You have a knack for managing money and therefore, make sound financial decisions. You prefer being discreet about your saving habits and may hide your investments even from your spouse.

What you should do: Your intuitive nature will help you handle emergencies gracefully and also make the right decisions about investing and saving. Try to open up with your family to plan better for your and their future.

Sagittarius (Nov 30 – Dec 22)


A carefree and easy-going attitude marks your personality. While this helps you to stay optimistic during lean times, it’s easy to slip into irresponsible behaviour. You are highly independent, believe in experiences but can be impatient. Combined, these traits can become a recipe for financial disaster. Though you bounce back from financial setbacks easily, you are less likely to build a nest egg.

What should you do: Try treating money management as a learning experience and you’ll do a good job with your finances.

Capricorn (Dec 23 – Jan 20)


You are organised, focused and have a practical approach towards money. So it is only natural that you don’t spend frivolously and are disciplined about saving for your long-term goals. However, in practicing caution with your money, you restrict your investments to assets that are low risk and offer assured returns. You may also be tagged as miserly and insecure about your finances.

What you should do: Have a diverse portfolio of investments. Try to curb your anxiety about money and take some risks with your investments.

Aquarius (Jan 21 – Feb 19)


It’s difficult for you to abide by rules—be it career choices or money habits. You strive to make a difference and your profession must reflect that. You put humanitarian causes above your own finances, but can go overboard with your generosity. This can be hazardous for your own financial health. When it comes to investments, you are savvy enough to pick those companies that are disruptive or may appear to be too risky to others.

What you should do: Get your financial life in order. Save enough for yourself before you start giving.

Pisces (Feb 20 – March 20)


For you, money is secondary to the quality of work that you do. While following your passions will result in inflow of money inadvertently, you still need to manage it actively to establish some security in your life. Your idealism as far as money is concerned may leave you vulnerable to frauds.

What you should do: Secure your future by adopting a practical approach towards finances. Hire an accountant or a professional adviser to do the work for you.