NatWest and RBS glitch: 600,000 customers missing money – what you can do do if you’re affected




Around 600,000 payments have gone missing from the current accounts of NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Ulster Bank and Coutts customers.

Benefits and wages have not appeared in accounts and some customers have also complained direct debits which were due to leave their accounts weren’t processed, prompting fears people would be charged for late payments.

Worse, customers might have to wait until SATURDAY for their payments to appear.

“We have fixed the underlying issue, we apologise for the inconvenience caused and we are working flat-out to get these payments updated for our customers no later than Saturday,” an RBS spokesman said.

“To any customers concerned about the implications of this issue we advise them to get in touch with our call centres or come into a branch where our staff will be ready to help.

“We will ensure no customers are left out of pocket as a result of this issue.”

But this response was far from enough for many of the bank’s customers.

“Another day, another failure. No I don’t want to go to the branch, I don’t want to spend hours on the phone. Just want my money,” Sam Sargeant wrote on Twitter.

Single mum-of-two Katie Nesbit, 30, from Greenwich, London, was left unable to do her food shop after her £115 child tax credit payment failed to reach her Natwest account.

“I have spent money expecting the money to go into my bank this morning and it is just not there,” she said. “I was going to go food shopping.

“I’ll get by, but some people just won’t be able to eat or pay their bills or get to work. It’s awful.”

It is understood problems began on Tuesday when some customers were unable to use online banking or apps.

Other customers said payments which would usually be expected in the early hours of Wednesday did not reach their accounts.

What to do

RBS has said it’s identified the problem, but if you think you’re at risk you should call them.

“If you need cash urgently you call 03457 888444, or visit your local branch,” the bank said.

People are also advised to contact anyone they expect money to be sent to.

“If you’re a Natwest, RBS, Coutts or Ulster Bank customer and have a payment coming up, it’s worth contacting the company or person you’re paying so that they’re aware of the issue,” said money expert Nicolas Frankcom.

“This is especially important with credit card, loan or mortgage repayments as you do not want to risk a ‘black mark’ going on your credit report.”

And if that’s not enough, you can always switch to a new bank, there are even some rather nice incentives available at the moment.