More WIRED Money startup stage speakers revealed



With just three weeks to go until WIRED Money, Together with BBVA, we are excited to reveal the latest group of speakers for the BBVA Ventures Startup Stage.

Our landmark one-day summit exploring the future of finance takes place at The British Museum on 8 July. It will bring together insights from sector newcomers and entrepreneurs, as well as the established financial powerhouses.

The BBVA Ventures Startup Stage will showcase a wide range of fast-growing businesses working in the banking and finance space, who will introduce their organisations and explain their objectives, aims and applications.

It will be opened by Gustavo Vinacua in conversation with WIRED. Gustavo heads up the BBVA Innovation Center, which is implementing open innovation to redesign the bank for the digital age.

Ami Daniel, cofounder and CEO of Windward, a maritime data and analytics company gathering unprecedented levels of information on shipping, unlocking vast trading opportunities and flagging criminal threats.
Alon Feit, cofounder and CEO of PayItSimple, which allows people to buy things with interest-free instalments on credit cards they already have. It optimises people’s unused credit line, creating an instalment plan at the time of purchase.
Nikolay Storonsky, founder of Revolut, an international money account with a physical card, no fees and instant cross-border payments. It aims to be the must-have product for travellers and expats.
Brian White, COO of RedOwl, whose platform allows organisations to detect and monitor malicious threats and risks from within, by gathering all forms of human-generated data for analysis.
Bastien Bourdon, cofounder and VP of engineering at edgefolio, a marketplace where investors can search, analyse and compare funds fitting their objectives, and conduct due diligence processes with fund managers in a secure environment.
James Smith, CEO of Elliptic, which provides enterprise bitcoin analytics and security services. It was the first bitcoin firm to secure insurance for bitcoin assets and to receive accreditation by KPMG.
They join the previously announced BBVA Ventures Startup Stage speakers: Daniel Gandesha, founder of Property Partner; Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, cofounder and CEO of SyndicateRoom; Lúí Smyth of CoinJar; Andy Goldby of The Floow; Gerald Eder of comparison platform CompareAsiaGroup; Mark Gazit of ThetaRay; Julian Oehrlein, cofounder of Oradian; Kerim Derhalli founder and CEO of invstr; Emily Mackay, CEO of Crowdsurfer; and Dylan Bourguignon, cofounder of Syndico.