Bitcoin machine spits out money in middle of London station. Crazy video leaves internet shocked

Bitcoin machine spits money in the middle of busy London station

Bitcoin machine spits money in the middle of busy London station

A bitcoin machine in London started spitting out tons of money at a train station recently and the internet is going crazy over the bizarre video.

The clip in question has been going viral on Reddit and was filmed at the London’s Bond Street tube station.

In the viral video, one can see an official trying to move the crowd away from the bitcoin machine as it continues to spit out 20 Pound notes.

The money was collected in a bag right under the bitcoin machine as it continued to throw out more cash.

The man who was trying to make the transaction at the machine can also been seen collecting the money from the floor and into the bag.

A passerby can also be heard jokingly commenting that where he can get one of these and, honestly, we can’t help but share his feelings.

After the video was shared on Reddit, it was upvoted 2.4k times and already had 330 comments on it at the time of writing this article.

Reddit users also had some hilarious comments for the bizarre situation. One user wrote, “How do you make that happen? Asking for a friend.” Another user wrote, “I always thought what they mean by free cash withdrawals.”

According to Daily Mail, apparently the machine started spitting out cash because the customer was withdrawing large amounts of money, the Polish company that owns the machine said.