The best money I’ve ever spent

We recently started asking some of our favorite writers a simple question: What’s the best money you’ve ever spent? We wanted to know the things that brought them the most value, that marked a turning point, and that helped them make sense of who they are.

The amounts could be large, like $6,250 top surgery, or small, like a $2.75 ferry ticket. The purchase could be life-altering — having a monumental impact on the buyer’s sense of self and identity. Or it might help someone rediscover the simple joy of seeing the New York City skyline with a breeze on their face, all while avoiding the hellscape of the subway. Or it might just be a pretty, overpriced trash can, because the pleasure of having things exactly how you want them is worth every penny.

We’ll be chronicling all of these best purchases here — from bubbles to yarn balls to yeast (yes, yeast).