Yes, Taylor Swift’s diamond bathtub jewelry is real — but not the entire tubful

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Jeweler Neil Lane confirmed on his Instagram page that all of the diamond jewelry Taylor’s wearing in the bathtub scene in her video for “Look What You Made Me Do” is real.  But while there are reports that the tub in which Taylor’s sitting is full of real diamonds, too — well, that’s highly unlikely.

Those same reports claim that the bathtub diamonds cost more than $10 million, but given that a single necklace alone might cost several million bucks, an entire bathtub full of diamonds would cost hundreds of millions dollars if they were real.  So apparently, it’s the jewelry alone that’s real.

According to Page Six, the pieces Tay’s wearing — bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings — weren’t custom made for her, either: she borrowed pieces from Lane’s archives.  Page Sixsays the snake ring Taylor wears may have been worn to the Oscars by Zoe Saldana in 2013, for example.

A source on the video production team told Hollywood Life, “We wanted an over-the-top, glamorous look so we got unprecedented access to Neil Lane’s collection.” The source added, “Taylor’s stylist…literally cleaned out the store…That tub contains multi-million dollar pieces. Two chains alone cost about $10 million.”

Along with the diamonds and jewelry, there’s also a single dollar bill in the tub, which some interpret as a reference to the symbolic dollar Taylor won earlier this month in her trial against the radio host whom she said groped her backstage at a 2013 concert.