Wear pearls differently, not just on your necklace

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Pearls are a work of art courtesy of Mother Nature herself. There was a time when not everyone could afford to wear pearls, and if you spotted someone wearing them you could have been sure that that person had a high status in society, and didn’t need for anything in life. But now, pearls are more accessible and you don’t have to be extremely rich to afford such jewelry, just visit PearlsOnly.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try with an outfit or an appearance for a formal event, we just can’t seem to nail it. There’s that little something that is holding us back, a small element or detail that could possibly round up the entire ensemble. Now that we’ve established the impact that pearls can have on your outfit, another question arises.

And that question is, what are the best ways in which you can wear pearls? There are many ways in which pearls can be worn, not excluding the traditional, simplistic, basic approach of wearing them around your neck in the form of a pearl necklace. But for some that style is not adequate as they want something more unique or extravagant. There are other such solutions as well, so here are some of the best ways in which you can make good use of pearls.

Crown of the depths

Pearls come from the ocean, and many believe them to be the most adequate form of jewelry that can be donned when having a marine outfit or a marine themed gown. A great way in which you can wear pearls is in your hairdo. A great hairdo can only be complimented by something of equal greatness, in this case pearls. Wearing them on your head will make them look like a crown, which has made people associate this way of wearing pearls as resembling the crown of a mermaid.

There’s not a lot known about mermaids actually wearing crowns, but it’s just common sense that if they would indeed wear crowns, they would be made of pearls.

Shoe enhancements

Shoes can be tricky to pull off because they don’t just have to look the part, but also be comfortable. It’s close to irrelevant how good a pair of shoes look in contrast with a specific outfit if they are not comfortable and walking in them is a torment. Once you find a pair that you like, you might consider embedding some pearls not only on top of the shoe but also replacing the high heel with one made out of pearls.

Taking these tips into consideration might make the difference between a nice outfit and an amazing outfit, because pearls have that quality to them – making things significantly better by adding just a subtle hint of glimmer.