Tanishq showcases new jewellery line Aveer, for men

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Tanishq has recently announced the launch of Aveer, an exclusive range of jewellery for men. This is the third differentiated sub-brand from Tanishq, after the legacy built by Mia and the wedding sub-brand Rivaah. Aveer offers men a stylish range of rings, bracelets, chains, ear studs in gold, platinum and diamonds starting at Rs. 20,000 available at Tanishq stores across the country.

According to a statement issued by the brand, the Tanishq man can be described as “candid, charismatic and courageous.”

The statement goes on to add his personality exudes confidence that permeates his surroundings.

“His warmth and charm are what stand out and attract people to his aura. One can see these traits clearly in the Aveer line, with designs that vary from simple classic lines exuding understated elegance, to bold unique creations that perfectly reflect the persona of the wearer,” the statement reads.

While jewellery is rarely seen as a male domain, today, men are more confident about expressing their style .

While jewellery is rarely seen as a male domain, today, men are more confident about expressing their style and are keen to make a statement with the way they accessorize. They are willing to spend more on an accessory that reflects their true style and personality. Tanishq created Aveer to cater to all men who are looking for traditional, contemporary, elegant and unique designs to complement their image.

Speaking about the launch of this exciting new category for the brand, Deepika Tewari, Associate Vice President – Marketing, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited said, “In recent times, we have witnessed the development of a huge market for men’s jewellery which convinced us that it is the right time we venture into this segment and cater to Indian men who are open to wearing simple, suave jewellery pieces on a daily basis. With Aveer, men’s jewellery is not limited to the conventional engagement rings and cufflinks anymore. Tanishq, since its inception 20 years ago, has created jewellery according to the changes in society and people’s mindset. Our jewellery is aesthetically designed, and lends itself to various occasions, prompting users to wear it often and not just lock it away for special occasions. We look forward to the same success with Aveer for men.”

Since its commencement, Tanishq has pioneered several path-breaking initiatives in the retail jewellery industry with its transparent business practices, exemplary work ethics, environment-friendly operations, and innovations such as the Karatmeter. Today, Tanishq epitomises consumer trust, purity of gold, quality assurance, strong design aesthetics, and an unwavering commitment to bringing the best-in-class products to its customers.