This Is What a Selena Gomez Jewelry Line Might Look Like

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals

Selena Gomez—actress, modern muse, and…designer? According to a report by TMZ, the star has recently filed paperwork to trademark her name to market jewelry (in other interesting, but not as compelling, news, she also made moves to ensure that there can only be one Selena Gomez in the biz).

But back to Selena Gomez Jewelry TM. It’s the expected next-step in her trajectory to complete worldwide domination. And she certainly checks off all the boxes: diehard fan base (they call themselves “Selenators”), check; respected in the industry (she’s starred in national fashion campaigns ranging from Louis Vuitton to Coach), check; landed the cover of Vogue, check; and owns an aesthetic that’s both aspirational and approachable, youthful and sophisticated, safe and daring (OK, Kate Young, aka one of Hollywood’s most powerful stylists, helps with that, but still). Check, check, check.

Translated into jewelry form, that would look like giant badass hoops (not unlike the glorious three-inch Jennifer Fisher pair she wore in Vogue), throwback ‘90s-style chokers, and stacks of skinny cuffs. Scroll through to take a look at what we’re talking about.


Giant Hoops

Skinny Cuffs

Orb-Like Cocktail Rings

Delicate Floral Drop Earrings

2016 American Music Awards - Arrivals


In other words, whenever Gomez does decide to launch her jewelry line (fingers crossed), we think it will be a sell out–at least if the band of Selenators have anything to say about it.