Knoxville store has exclusive rights to line of Vol-themed jewelry

The Gemstore in Knoxville has the exclusive rights to a special line of football-themed jewelry that utilizes a special orange crystal.

Jewelry TV host Mandy Brandshaw helped show Made in Tennessee the new “Glow Big Orange” jewelry line at the Gemstore in West Knoxville.

“We have earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, footballs, basketballs and beautiful trend pieces!” Bradshaw said. “This is everything you need jewelry-wise for every tailgate, for every football game, for our favorite season of the year.”

While this jewelry isn’t made in Tennessee, this is the only place you can find it.

“The exclusive rights here at the Gemstore. No one else has it but us!” said Bradhsaw.

While this “bling” may look pricey, it’s quite affordable for just about any Tennessee fan looking for that something special. Bradshaw knows that first hand.

“I have bought a piece for my daughter. I have bought pieces for myself. I bought for everyone in my family. It’s all about the orange and white.”

The Glow Big Orange jewelry just hit the market two weeks ago and they have already sold out of some pieces. We are told they are quickly re-stocking.