Jewels of the sea

The pleasant sea has a special rhythm. It fosters its own sounds and blazes its own symphony,” says Ong. Constantly in search for beauty in the most unexpected things, Ong was inspired by the undulating waves reflecting vivid prisms of color when struck by light, as well as the ocean’s mysterious denizens. Cyan, crimson, lemon, saffron, and honeydew—aquatic rainbows sparked the idea for a glimmering jewelry collection that reflects the iridescent colors and creatures of the sea.

  • Luminous. Handcrafted ring with peridot and amethyst on silver plated in 24k gold

The exquisite Prism collection gave Ong a chance to showcase unusual stones in various shapes and sizes, which she lovingly sources from her favorite destinations in the Philippines and around the world. “As you can see, the names of the pieces of the collection are based on the different qualities of light,” shares Ong, gesturing to the different lustrous pieces on display at her eponymous boutique. Here, the ocean’s flora and fauna are immortalized through the use of exceptional stones, craftsmanship of heavy metalwork, and intricate gem setting.

63.jpg (1082×1005)

A handcrafted ring with peridot and amethyst resembling a starfish is named “Luminous,” a divine pair of coral-inspired earrings with ruby and white topaz is called “Glimmering,” while a crustacean-inspired pair of handcrafted earrings with opal, blue sapphire, and white topaz is christened “Iridescent.”

“When I design, I try to match the stone [I find] to the actual sketches,” says Ong. More often than not, the stones she sources are unique, making each piece she designs one-of-a-kind. What is her favorite piece? “I don’t have a favorite, because I treat them all as my children,” Ong stresses. “I treat them like different individuals, with different characteristics.” In addition, Ong believes that stones possess healing attributes. “For example, emeralds are grounding stones; they are calming, and [good for] the mind, also.”

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