Jewelry Trends 2018

Without jewelry, you’re like a boring egg. Like an egg without black pepper, without a sprinkle of chives, minus the salt, and with no minced pickles. You’re like a plain boiled egg, and though there’s beauty inside of you, you’re not appealing enough. Jewelry decorates you because you deserve to be beautified.

And it’s not just about looking beautiful; it gives you a means to express yourself just like all other styling items do. Whether you’re a fan of feisty artistic pieces, retro ones that speak for your unique approach to fashion, or have a minimal style, you need jewels. And while the world moves on, you cannot stick to old pieces that are neither vintage masterpieces nor trendy.

You need pieces that are in. Like the planets changing their positions, jewelry trends have also changed. The previous year, we saw a lot of chokers, various versions of them, but those are now a thing of the past. We’ve rushed into 2018 and this year we’ll have different jewelry styles in vogue.

2017 focused on neck pieces and by the end of the year, hoop earrings took central place with other bigger jewelry items orbiting around them. The mantra was “the bigger, the better” and from the looks of it, this song will be sung as a part of jewelry trends 2018 too.

That said, here is a list of jewelry pieces that you’ll notice everyone rocking this year.


Delicate anklets are making a come back this spring. While, the sun is hiding behind the clouds these days, and the chill is frosty, as the season changes and cropped pants and denim shorts make a comeback, the time for anklets will also. This year’s jewelry trends are more in the hipster direction. However, while the rest of the jewelry pieces will be big and bold, anklets will not be so. Minimal pieces would be in.

Jewelry trends 2018

Asymmetrical Earrings

This year, we’d be seeing a lot of irregular, mismatched dangle studs. Edgy shapes hanging from long chains on ears are totally going to be seen everywhere. A subtle nod to the mismatched trend, we’ve seen this particular style already on celebrities. When last year was being wrapped up, some stars rocked this trend and pushed it to stand in queue for this year too.

Button studs

Remember when small, cute studs were a thing? Well, that time is long gone. We’re back in the era where women wear huge button earrings. They seem pretty heavy but with so many earpieces in trend, there is a lot to choose from. Large gem embellished studs for earrings? Totally in. Vintage huge round pieces? Again, 2018 approves.

Big earrings

Long and big earrings that are stunningly covered in faux gems are in vogue these days. With how big and bold the ear trends are this year, brace yourself, your ears might get hurt with all that heavy jewelry. Celebs have given their thumbs up to this trend and so have couture houses with their models showcasing elaborate huge earrings.


Welcome another statement accessory for this year. From what has been caught on runways, another jewelry trend 2018 is brooches. These shiny pieces will be seen hugging scarves, bags, and more. From modish pieces to vintage ones, gold and silver ones will be the trendiest of all. With these, you can add some sparkly accents to your look for everywhere.

Layered necklaces

Because a single necklace is too boring, layered ones will be in again. This trend has a knack for making its way back to the limelight. It’s entirely up to you whether you would like to keep the look delicate like Katharine McPhee or you’d like to stand out with heavy layering of shimmery necklaces like Beyoncé.

Pinky and midi rings

Last but not the least, the jewelry trend for adorning your fingers are pinky and midi rings. Basically, 2018 might be seeing a jewelry overdose. You can wear as many jewels as you prefer without fearing that you will overdo your look. Layered neckpieces, dangling mismatched chain studs, and a couple of delicate brass rings all at once? No problem.