How to safeguard your valuable jewelry once weddings and festivities come to a close

Whether it’s the precious jewellery handed down over generations, a coveted item we spot in the market or a unique piece that appeals to us, we all love our glittering jewels and blingy accessories. They mean the world to us, and each piece holds a certain kind of value, be it emotional or adding an expressive touch to our overall look, especially at weddings, family get-togethers or religious festivities. Nothing captures the imagination and eyeballs of people as much as a perfectly fashioned, bespoke piece of jewellery forged and crafted from the mineral-rich entrails of the earth. These pieces are either carved from precious elements, such as gold, silver, and platinum or wrought from mineral combinations, such as gemstones. Some are even harvested from living receptacles, such as pearls, or simply from the timeless transformation of carbon, such as diamonds.

As they also hold invaluable worth as prized physical assets and traditional time-honoured heirlooms, post the marriage and the festive season when you tend to wear them the most, it becomes pertinent to safeguard these precious assets from spoilage or harm. There are a variety of external agents that may leave an adverse impact on that fine piece of jewellery that you value so much!

How to safeguard your valuable jewelry once weddings and festivities come to a close

The mortal enemy of your jewellery is a fearsome entity indeed, for it can’t be seen, only felt. It can come in through anywhere without the slightest of warnings and leave its mark of woe before you can even say Oh no! Yes, it is no one else but moisture’. Almost everything is susceptible to its power’- the power of decay and decomposition’. Therefore, it is important to consider a few basic things to preserve and protect your jewellery from moisture and humidity.

Avoid wearing your fine silver jewellery or that gemstone set in the rain, or in places that record high levels of humidity and moisture such as seaside areas. While storing the same, make sure they are locked away in an airtight, vacuumed space, out of harm’s way. Every piece of jewellery displays different properties depending upon its elemental and material composition, so here is how to protect and preserve your prized possessions from both natural and social forces:


Diamond, the hardest and the least damage-prone substance known to man, is relatively easier to preserve and requires minimum care. However, continuous exposure to dirt and pollution may cause the diamond pieces to lose its original shine. Cleaning the pieces with soapy water and soft damp cloth could help to restore the stone’s original dazzling properties.

Gold and platinum

The most precious of metals are also the most non-reactive ones and considered as a neutral element. Therefore, as similar to diamonds, these do not demand a lot of care and caution. But, like everything else, these too are vulnerable to dust and dirt, especially in a moist and humid locale. Clean those with a cloth piece dipped in warm soapy water to keep the lustre intact.


Owing to its chemical configuration, silver is most vulnerable to reacting with the oxygen in the atmosphere and turning black. This corrosion of silver is termed as tarnishing. The possibility of your silver getting tarnished multiplies in a moist and humid environment; therefore it is pertinent to store it in an airtight setting and prevent its contact with water. Any basic or alkaline substance even toothpaste can be used to retard the tarnishing. Wipe it with a clean swab of cotton and make sure you keep it away from water. Additionally, you can choose a silver dip for your jewellery that helps refurbish its sheen.


Gemstones such as coral, amber, pearl, etc. are the most organic and delicate amongst all valuables. They can even suffer irreversible damage after coming into contact with perfumes and vapours. Furthermore, they are prone to develop scratches from the tiniest of frictional forces. Therefore, ensure every measure and precaution that these stay anew in their true state, free from harm.

The aforementioned safety measures can go a long way in helping you to preserve and protect your precious pieces of jewellery. With this, you can ensure that they are with you for a long time, lasting for many weddings and festivities for years to come. Who knows, one day you may pass them on to your loved ones as a family heirloom, too!