Style has become a sport everyone wants to play. Why not? The confidence gained from putting your best self out there can elevate every endeavor. Naturally, to play a sport well, it pays to have the right equipment, and consumers are fast discovering that no tools of the game can help you shine like an all-star better and brighter than fine jewelry. Consequently, this column’s goal is to enlighten, educate, and assist you in helping your customer realize that fine jewelry is so much more than a sometime luxury to be indulged in only on holidays and special occasions; rather, it’s a surefire source of power that can enhance not only one’s wardrobe but also one’s self-worth. I believe fine jewelry has magical powers that can transform everyday life. And I hope to make all of you believers as well.

Gabriel & Co. is celebrating its 25th anniversary and its enviable position as one of the most preferred brands of jewelry within a network of more than a thousand independent retailers. Additionally, it is also a company that can boast being one of the most pioneering and daring in its reimagining the dazzlingly original possibilities in bridal design and in championing the inroads that fine jewelry is making in women’s everyday wardrobes. With paramount craftsmanship matched only by an obsession with innovation, Gabriel is that rarest of brands—one that blends the skill of a veteran with the electrified energy of a start-up.

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